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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

dud moore

List 9. Literature in our lives:

We are glad Kim Parcerises from Vich, gladly contributed to the unit!

Visiting Dr. Braintree (sketch) 

GOAL. To enjoy the verbal performance of the actors, understanding the little nuances ot the text.
for the transcript go to unit9

 A: TRY twice:
INTRO 1- Dr B: Would you like to sit down, or would you prefer to lie. 

 B. TRY  number 2 twice:
2- R: Yes, it’s funny really, you know if anybody had told me that talking to psychiatrists would’ve help me at all, I would’ve laughed in their faces, you know. 
 C. Now in pairs read this part below:
3- R: But I can honestly say that our little chats together have ... have really been a tremendous benefit to me.
4- Dr B: Well, this is wonderful news, Roger – you’re in love. With a woman?
Dr B: Well, love is a wonderful thing, I’ve been there myself. It’s a wonderful thing.
5- R: ... I-I seem to be saddled with this tremendous burning sense of guilt.
6- Dr B: You have guilt as well as love. You know, sex is the most natural, healthy thing in the world. 

  D. Now in pairs read this last part below:
7- Dr B: Well, begin at the beginning, that’s always the best place. What’s the girl’s name? 
                              = = = =
8- R: Yes, it’s ... it’s Stephanie, it’s your wife, Stephanie.
9- Dr B: Oh, you’re in love with my wife, Stephanie.
10- R: Yes.
11- Dr B: Well, this is a perfectly understandable thing, Roger. She’s a very attractive woman,  I married her myself.
12- R: You’re so reasonable, aren’t you?


follow-up. Get 8 more lines and work at home.

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