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Friday, September 17, 2010

DINNER FOR ONE -humour-upper class

Almost always broadcast with its original English soundtrack, it is quite brilliant in its simplicity: Miss Sophie, celebrating her 90th birthday, sits down to dinner with four friends and is served by her faithful butler, James (Frinton)....(Daily Telegraph)

wikipedia: dinner for one

dinner for one, vostfr, très drôle !!
Cargado por asilis93. - Mira más vídeos divertidos.

James: Good evening, Miss Sophie, good evening.

Miss Sophie: Good evening, James.

James: You are looking very well this evening, Miss Sophie.

Miss Sophie: Well, I am feeling very much better, thank you, James.

James: Good, good.

Miss Sophie: Well, I must say that everything looks nice.

James: Thank you very much, Miss Sophie, thank you.

Miss Sophie: Is everybody here?

James: Indeed, they are, yeah. Yes...They are all here for your anniversary, Miss Sophie.

Miss Sophie: All five places are laid out?

James: All laid out as usual.

Miss Sophie: Sir Toby?

James: Sir Toby, yes, he's sitting here this year, Miss Sophie.

Miss Sophie: Admiral von Schneider?

James: Admiral von Schneider is sitting here, Miss Sophie.

Miss Sophie: Mr. Pommeroy?

James: Mr. Pommeroy I put round here for you.

Miss Sophie: And my very dear friend, Mr. Winterbottom?

James: On your right, as you requested, Miss Sophie!

Miss Sophie: Thank you, James. You may now serve the soup.

James: The soup, thank you very much, Miss Sophie, thank you. They are all waiting for you. Little drop of mulligatawny soup, Miss Sophie?

Miss Sophie: I am particularly fond of mulligatawny soup, James.

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