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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OPENideo: "Teach and Travel" Agency: travelers volunteer as teachers

Enterprising Schools, an initiative of Gray Matters Capital Foundation, is sponsoring this challenge, focused on increasing the access of low-cost and appropriate learning tools for affordable private schools in India and worldwide. The submissions will contribute to the development of a catalogue of existing tools and would provide inspirational concepts to entrepreneurs who will be encouraged to take them forward and build businesses to provide affordable private schools with much-needed tools and materials. The purpose of this engagement is to provide access to quality learning tools and materials to affordable private schools first in India, and secondarily, worldwide.

"Teach & Travel" Agency: travelers volunteer as teachers
An online travel agency/platform that facilitates people from other countries who are willing to work in local schools as volunteers, either by teaching or by helping in administration or anything else a local school could need.

Based on the inspirations of Yanis Josephine, Marek Hyla and Eduardo Amaro, why don't we create an online travel agency/platform that connects local schools with travelers who are willing and able to teach or help in anything else that they are able to (administration, maintenance)?

Who could this be for?

- students or graduates who want to spend a summer teaching in a local school and gain experience for their CV
- retired teachers who want to contribute and make an impact globally
- anyone who speaks and can teach languages
- tech savvy people who are willing to professionally educate local youngsters (IT or more even more basic crafts like wood working, masonry etc)
- education organisations (schools, universities etc) of developed countries who are willing to make a global impact by voluntarily "lending" some of their teaching stuff to developing countries for a few months or a semester.

Why is it important for local children?

- Visiting teachers do not only bring dry technical knowledge, they also bring a different culture and a different point of view. They are a reminder of the diversity of civilisations and places, they inspire children to try to surpass their regional limits.
Local communities do not have to pay anything for this service: - Travelers themselves would be willing to pay the cost of traveling and living (as they would anyway if they traveled there), because they would benefit by gaining work and cultural experience. More and more travelers are nowadays keen on engaging with the local communities and not just being typical tourists that have a superficial contact with the country they visit. - Prestigious educational organisations (schools or universities) could sponsor some of their stuff or students to travel & teach, in order to widen their perspective and impact.
Distribution & Delivery
visiting teachers could help in any of these subjects: - English and other languages courses - professional lessons (crafts etc) - academic lessons (maths, physics, etc) - non-academic lessons (drawing, sculpture, music, dancing, sports etc. This is a very interesting field if we think about how differently each culture approaches those fields. Moreover there are no language barriers) visiting teachers could also connect with local teachers by exchanging ideas on teaching materials (books, methods, etc) or administrational issues.
Local Need. Enterprising Schools has identified key areas of need for Affordable Private Schools. What local learning need(s) does this concept address?
English language learning (speaking, reading, writing)
Tech literacy
Professional development
- the basic tool will be an online platform that connects local schools with global volunteers. - this platform will be marketed to teachers' unions, universities, schools and any other group that would be willing to combine traveling and volunteering teaching in another country - a local NGO could do the offline work of informing local schools and connecting them with the network
Who would implement this?
A local entrepreneur or small organization
A globally-based social entrepreneur
NGOs and Foundations

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