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Friday, October 22, 2010

40 year not are nothing

40 years are nothing (google translator on 21-10-2010)

Scenario1: You have to make a flight.
Year 1969: You get to eat, drink and newspapers as you want. All served by hostesses spectacular.
2009: You get on the plane abrochándote belt pants that made you take to pass the control, you sit in an armchair where if you breathe deeply you stick your elbow in the eye to the next and if you're thirsty, steward gives you a letter with four cans at a high price. If protests, when you land you put your finger in the ass to see if you take drugs.

Scenario2: Manolo plans to go into the woods after school. Upon entering the school teaches a knife with which Pancho tries to make a slingshot.
Year 1969: The deputy director sees it and asks where purchased. He teaches his own, which is old, but better.
2009: The school is closed. Call the police, which leads to Manolo the reformatory. Antena 3 and Tele five presented the news at 15:00 from the school gate.

Scenario3: School Discipline
Year 1969: You make a bitch in class. Professor gets you two hosts. When you get home your father rhea other two.
2009: You make a bitch. Professor apologizes. Your father rides a teacher and you chicken you buy a bike for the disappointment.

Scenario4: Fran and Mark shared some punches after class.
Year 1969: The animated companions, Mark wins. They shake hands and end up being colleagues.
2009: The school is closed, Tele five school anti-violence proclamation month. The newspaper devotes 20 minutes five columns to the issue and deliberately Antena 3 Matías Prats again right in time before the door of the school to present the news.

Scenario5: Luis broke the glass of a car in the neighborhood, his father removed his belt and hits him a good whipping.
Year 1969: Luis is more careful next time, grows normally, goes to college and becomes a successful businessman.
2009: Luis's father arrested for child abuse. No father figure, Luis joins a gang. Psychologists convince his sister that his father abused her and kept in jail for life. Luis' mother is entwined with the psychologist. Mercedes Mila opened the final of Big Brother with a speech on the news.

Scenario6: John is down as he threw a career and spider in the knee. His teacher, Mary, finds him crying on the roadside. Mary hugs him to comfort him.
Year 1969: Soon, John is feeling better and keep playing.

2009: Mary is accused of perversion of children and goes on the dole. He faces three years in prison. John spends five years of therapy in therapy. His parents sued the school for negligence and teacher for emotional trauma, winning both trials. Mary, jobless and indebted, commits suicide by jumping from a building. When it lands, it makes up a car and breaks a vase. The car owner and the owner of the plant are suing the heirs of Mary for destruction of property. Win. Antena 3 TV five together produce the film and finally the set of information is already located in the middle of the street.

Scenario7: The end of the holiday.
Year 1969: After sucking a caravan the chalice with the family put in a hundred after a month of vacation in a squalid apartment on the coast, the holidays are finished. The next day you work and nothing happens.
2009: After returning from Cancun, in an all expenses paid trip, people suffer from sleep disorders, depression, and amenorrhea.

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