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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The English Language In 24 Accents

Funtastic! Easy as ABC: google "24 accents" and press
Accents and dialects are beautiful!
A teenager takes us around the world in 24 accents that show up in a series of imaginary phone conversations.

Me attempting to do 24 different accents from my own country and from other countries around the world.

Hopefully I got most of them right but I may have made mistakes and I can do some better than others. However, I made this video for my friends because I promised them I would do an accent video. I mean no offence to anyone and please don’t be upset if I have not included your specific accent or got it wrong.

He is awesome! Honestly, the The English Language In 24 Accents!!! Great!

While many people seem to only speak in other accents when drunk, this kid reveals himself to be an inadvertent dialect savant in this remarkable video. Within eight minutes, he masters two dozen accents used by English speakers. He says that the video is "mostly for his friends," but it's no surprise that such an impressive mimic has received so much attention on YouTube.

We're curious how he's learned all these accents, which he effortlessly flows out in hilarious one-sided phone conversations. (Yes, he even gets the American accents mostly down pat -- rare for even many trained professional actors!) With chops like these, we'll even forgive him for the 'stache.

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