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Monday, October 4, 2010

WIKInomics -Grown Up Digital with Dan Tapscott

wikinomics & grown up digital
watch full interview at googlevideo

Wkinomics short 2min & long 9min


In his book Grown Up Digital, Don Tapscott argues that Mark Bauerlein author of The Dumbest Generation and other short-sighted cynics have failed to see the distinctive and profound gifts the current generation of tech-savvy 12 to 30-year olds has to offer the world. Thanks to the ubiquity of technology in their lives, the Net Generation is poised to transform the form and functions of school, work, and democracyand for the better. With its comprehensive examination of the Net Generation, and based on a 4.5 million dollar study, Grown Up Digital offers valuable insight and concrete takeaways for leaders across all social institutions who are finding it necessary and advantageous adapt to this changing social fabric.

In this clip, Tapscott discusses the unique characteristics that will enable the Net Generation to change even save the world!

DON TAPSCOTT, also author of Wikinomics, is one of the worlds leading authorities on business strategy, with emphasis on how information technology changes business, government and society.

For more information about Don and his advocacy of the Net Generation, visit

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