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Friday, November 12, 2010

items and times with Google images- cartoons: Evil roots

Proof: Girls Are The Root Of All Evil*
Do not assume any male viewpoint here, I am suck at maths.....

If girls require time _and_ money, 
should that be stated Girls = Time + Money instead? 

This leaves us with, 
using the well-known fact that time is money which you mentioned, 
Girls = 2*Money 
Under the assumption that money is the root of all evil, 
it can now be found that Girls = 2*sqrt(evil) 

In words, 
girls are _twice_ the root of all evil, instead of just evil, as you proved.

yeah, I am evil here...sorry...get used to it

Try addition, this time we play with the 3 items>

most boys can assume..... time=money 

therefore applying the new item
but time is not finite, is it? We may assume it as being infinite,

hence girls=infinity Q.E.D!

Mind these 3 points>
1- Gees, i have to say that it is perhaps the LOVE of money that is evil, not
money itself. therefore, girls = not evil. :)

2- Focus on prepositions in use: WITH   vs  ON>
There is nothing wrong with this because
 I would spend all my time with her but not all my money on her!

the root of all evil -cartoons

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