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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

life is a journey : two options

Episode 15 - Sixth Month Anniversary

benny polyglot's review

Thought experiment: Let’s measure your hours for real

If it were possible to measure work honestly, where actively speaking a language for an hour counts as a “real” hour unit, studying grammar would be 0.2 units etc. (you may disagree with this – that depends on your end-goals and mine is to speak). 
Now add up your “hours” based on this new system, but actually counting the time you put in and you will see a dramatic difference. “Five years” of two hours of passive listening a day, four hours of grammar studying a week and two hours of actual practise with natives per month would give you about 364 “hours” (based on my weighted units) of genuinework. That’s fifteen days worth of work in your “five years”.

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