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Thursday, March 31, 2011

ALTE i cerficats

The Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) is an association of language exam providers.ALTE now establishes a six-level framework of language examination standards.

Per veure els diversos idiomes i els seus contextos institucionals,
 consultem els nivells que marca el Marc Europeu de Referència, 
segons consta a

The following table compares the ALTE levels with the CEF levels and EFL exams:
Level 5C2CPE7.5+910+276+
Level 4C1CAE6.5 - 7701 - 910236 - 275
Level 3B2FCE5 - 6541 - 700176 - 235
Level 2B1PET3.5 - 4.5381 - 540126 - 175
Level 1A2KET3246 - 38096 - 125

Illustrations of the European levels of language proficiency 
In order to ensure that the reference levels set out in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) are interpreted in the same way by all language professionals, the Language Policy Division is developing material illustrating these levels in a number of languages.
A number of DVDs showing oral performances illustrating the six levels in various languages are already available and others are in preparation. Some examples of written performance are available on line and more will follow. Items and tasks for testing reading and listening comprehension skills in several languages at all six levels are available on CD-ROM.
A number of assessment bodies working in various contexts and on different languages are helping to develop this material.
Information and details on available material :

Des del punt de vista professional, una web per seguir la vida dels papers i certificacions dels soferts aprenents la trovem a

Su imagen ha evolucionado con los tiempos y los medios. Su imagen se ha fragmentado gracias a la reciente legislación y a la falta de consenso donde, en principio, tenía que ser más fácil: en las áreas de gobierno de las EEOOII: MEC y Consejerías de Educación.

Esa fragmentación empezó, paradójicamente, con el intento fallido de adaptar el Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las Lenguas a España y sus Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas. Empezó con el RD 1629/2006. Al final, los niveles altos (C1, C2)  para la enseñanza privada.

Así llegamos a obtener los resultados que se reflejan en el Estudio de las EEOOII llevado a cabo por la Asociación de Profesores de Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas de Asturias.

Algunes veus crítiques ens diuen:

Cambridge ofrece públicamente muestras analizadas de sus exámenes de expresión oral y de lo que considera que corresponde a los diferentes niveles del Marco: . Y el proyecto va en esa misma línea, ofreciendo descriptores específicos para la lengua inglesa relacionados con los del Marco. Se trata de buenas prácticas de transparencia, que van en la línea de lo que propugna el manual del Consejo de Europa “Manual for relating Language Examinations to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dr. Phil's test

This is interesting.... See what you come up with.  Don't cheat!
 Below  is Dr. Phil's test.


The  following test is pretty accurate and  it only  takes a few minutes.

Take  this test for yourself and send it on your  friends....

Don't  peek!

Answers are for who you are now and  not who you  were in the past.

This  is a real test given by Human Relations  Departments at  many of the major corporations  today.

It  helps them get better insight concerning their  employees and in their prospective  employees. 

There  are 10 Simple questions, so grab a pencil and  paper.  Record your letter answers to each  question.

Change  the subject of the email to read YOUR  total.   When  you are finished, forward this to friends,  family, and also send it to the person  who sent this to you. 

Make  sure to put "YOUR" score in the subject  box.


1. When  do you feel your best... 
A)   in the morning 
B)  during  the afternoon and early evening 
C)   late at night 

2.   You usually  walk... 
A)   fairly fast, with long steps 
B)   fairly fast, with little steps 
C)   less fast head up, looking the world in  th e face 
D)  less fast, head  down 
E)  very slowly 

3.  When  talking to people you...
A)   stand with your arms folded 
B)   have your hands clasped 
C)   have one or both your hands on your  hips 
D)  touch or push the person  to whom you are talking 
E)    play with your ear, touch your chin, or smooth  your hair 

4.  When  relaxing, you sit with.. 
A)  your  knees bent with your legs neatly side by  side 
B)  your legs  crossed 
C)  your legs stretched  out or straight 
D)  one leg curled  under you 

5. When  something really amuses you, you react  with... 
A)  big  appreciated laugh 
B)  a laugh, but  not a loud one 
C)   a quiet chuckle 
D)  a  sheepish smile 

6.   When  you go to a party or social gathering  you... 
A)   make a loud entrance so everyone notices  you 
B)  make a quiet entrance,  looking around for someone you know 
C)   make the quietest entrance, trying to stay &nbs p;unnoticed 

7.  You're  working very hard, concentrating hard, and  you're interrupted... 
A)   welcome the break 
B)   feel extremely irritated 
C)   vary between these two  extremes 

8.   Which  of the following colors do you like  most....  
A)   Red or orange 
B)   black 
C)  yellow or light  blue 
D)  green 
E)   dark blue or purple 
F)   white 
G)  brown or  gray 

9.   When  you are in bed at night, in those last few  moments before going to sleep you  are.....  

A)   stretched out on your back 
B)   stretched out face down on your  stomach 
C)   on your side, slightly curled 
D)   with your head on one arm 
E)   with your head under the  covers 

10.  You  often dream that you  are... 
A)   falling 
B)   fighting or struggling 
C)   searching for something or  somebody 
D)   flying or floating 
E)   you usually have dreamless  sleep 
F)   your dreams are always  pleasant 


1.   (a) 2     (b) 4      (c) 6
2.  (a) 6     (b)  4     (c) 7     (d)  2   (e) 1
 3.   (a) 4     (b) 2      (c) 5     (d) 7   (e)  6
4.  (a) 4     (b) 6      (c) 2     (d)  1
5.  (a) 6     (b) 4      (c) 3     (d) 5    (e) 2
6.  (a) 6     (b)  4     (c) 2
7.  (a) 6      (b) 2     (c)  4
8.   (a) 6     (b) 7      (c) 5     (d) 4    (e) 3      (f) 2     (g)  1
9.  (a) 7     (b) 6      (c) 4     (d) 2     (e ) 1
10 (a) 4     (b)  2     (c) 3     (d) 5      (e) 6     (f)  1 

Now  add up the total number of  points. 

Others  see you as someone they should "handle with  care."  You're seen as vain, self-centered,  and extremely dominant. Others  may admire you, wishing they could be more like  you, but don't always trust you, hesitating to  become too deeply involved with  you.
51  TO 60 POINTS
:   Others see you as an exciting, highly  volatile, rather impulsive personality, a  natural leader, who's quick to make decisions,  though not always the right ones.  They see  you as bold and adventuresome, someone who will  try anything once, someone who takes chances and  enjoys an adventure.  They enjoy being in  your company because of the excitement you  radiate. 
41 TO 50  POINTS
:   Others see you as fresh, lively, charming,  amusing, practical, and always interesting,  someone who's constantly in the center of  attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not to  let it go to their head.  They also see you  as kind, considerate, and understanding, someone  who'll always cheer them up and help them  out.
31  TO 40 POINTS:
  Others  see you as sensible, cautious, careful &  practical.  They see you as clever, gifted,  or talented, but modest.  Not a person who  makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone  who's extremely loyal to friends you do make and  who expects the same loyalty in return.   Those who really get to know you, realize  it takes a lot to shake your trust in your  friends, but equally that it takes you a long  time to get over if that trust is ever  broken. 

21 TO 30  POINTS:
  Your friends see you as  painstaking and fussy.  They see you as  very cautious, extremely careful, a slow and  steady plodder.  It would really surprise  them if you ever did something  impulsively or  on the spur of the moment, expecting you to  examine everything carefully from every angle  and then, usually decide against it.. They think & nbsp;this reaction is caused partly by your careful  nature. 
    People think you are shy, nervous, and  indecisive, someone who needs looking after, who  always wants someone else to make the decisions  and who doesn't want to get involved with anyone  or anything! They see you as a worrier who  always sees problems that don't exist.   Some people think you're boring.   Only those who know you well, know that  you aren't. 

Cioran's nihilism woith touches of lyricism

Cioran, the somber philosopher
 Upon his entrance into the University, he met Eugène Ionesco and Mircea Eliade, the three of them becoming lifelong friends.
Cioran's skepticism  remains both inexhaustible and, in its own particular manner, joyful

Life inspires more dread than death — it is life which is the great unknown.
I feel I am free but I know I am not.

Here, a list of aphorisms taken from F. Savater

Life. "The fact that life has no meaning is a reason to livethe only reality. "
- Humanity. "Love thy neighbor is unthinkable. Did you ask virus to love another virus?".
- God. "A disease that we imagine to be cured because nobody dies from it today. "
- Death. "Nature, seeking a formula to satisfy everyone ,finally chose death, which, as expected, has not satisfied anyone. "
- Friendship. "With the age what we are most afraid of is that our friends outlive us. "
- Literature. "All literature begins with songs and ends with exercises. "
- Relativism. "What would our tragedies be if an insect would submit theirs?".
- Philosophy. "To glimpse the essence of things we should not  go into any  trade. We must remain lying down all day, ... and moan. "
- People. "A people represents not so much a collection of ideas and theories as of their  obsessions. "
- Religiosity"The further away be the men from  God, the more they advance in the knowledge of religions. "
- Time. "I do nothing, it is true. But I see my spending hours, which is more worth than to try to fill them. "
- Self-definition. "I am a philosopher howler. "

Cioran aullador for ever

Savater escribe en El Pais:
 En cierta ocasión, tras haber demolido minuciosamente mi catálogo de candorosas esperanzas, me permití una tímida protesta:
- "Pero, Cioran, hay que creer en algo...". 
Entonces se puso momentáneamente grave: 
- "Si usted hubiera creído en algunas cosas en que yo pude creer no me diría eso".

Los zarpazos del "filósofo aullador"

Vida. "El hecho de que la vida no tenga ningún sentido es una razón para vivir, la única, en realidad".
Humanidad. "Amar al prójimo es algo inconcebible. ¿Acaso se le pide a un virus que ame a otro virus?".
Dios. "Una enfermedad de la que imaginamos estar curados porque nadie se muere de ella hoy en día".
Muerte. "La naturaleza, buscando una fórmula para satisfacer a todo el mundo, escogió finalmente la muerte, la cual, como era de esperar, no ha satisfecho a nadie".
Amistad. "Con la edad lo que más se teme es que los amigos nos sobrevivan".
Literatura. "Toda literatura empieza con himnos y acaba con ejercicios".
Relativismo. "¿Qué sería de nuestras tragedias si un insecto nos presentara las suyas?".
- Filosofía. "Para poder vislumbrar lo esencial no debe ejercerse ningún oficio. Hay que permanecer tumbado todo el día, y gemir".
Pueblo. "Un pueblo no representa tanto una acumulación de ideas y teorías como de obsesiones".
"Mientras más se alejan los hombres de Dios, más avanzan en el conocimiento de las religiones".
Tiempo. "No hago nada, es cierto. Pero veo pasar las horas, lo cual vale más que tratar de llenarlas".
Autodefinición. "Soy un filósofo aullador".

Monday, March 28, 2011

the shortest definition of life?

time and life as they go by

1-life is a chaos between two silences.
2-sipping out life,

from bottle to bottle

YOUTH DEBATE -jove cambra manresa

SECOND YOUTH DEBATE el proper 9 d'abril tindrà lloc el segon concurs de debat amb anglès a l'auditori de Caixa Manresa. Forma un equip de 3 persones i vine a participar. El premi per l'equip guanyador són 300 euros.

Àlbum de fotos del Joves a Debat 2010

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The best of all: Mourinho

The other side of things:

Perhaps you know Mou from the media, who uses his nickname "The Special One", a self-proclaimed title, in diferent ways. Mou seems to be a master of mind games. He is the king motivator, the master baiter, and he has been, for certain periods of his career, the manifestation of God himself.

He's been famous for hios personal style to defend his players  interests in a controversial way.
As early as 2004 Mourinho refused to shake hands with Boavista coach Jaime Pacheco, quoting "I don't shake hands with someone I don't know"
A weel-know to barça fans, 
Barcelona is a cultural city with many great theatres and this boy  (Messi) has learned very well. He’s learned play-acting.” – After Messi got Asier Del Horno sent off.

This season he stated that  "If teams gift their games to Barcelona, it will be harder to win the league. They think that they will not win and therefore play with their reserve squad – this would complicate the league for us." after an ample win BArça with Racing Santander.

But look at the other side:
He said these words, and will die for them:

  • The team is completely close. Anything you say outside, there is no chance it will go inside. So the team is really strong and compact. We know what we want and how to achieve it on the pitch.”

  • “I don’t want special relations with one of them (his players). I hate to speak about individuals. Players don’t win you trophies, teams win trophies, squads win trophies.”

  • Read more:

    MS Word template

    Jose Mourinho Market Research GuruWhat Jose Mourinho Taught Me About Market Research

    Do you think Jose Mourinho knows much about market research, brand segmentation, and customer profiling?
    Think again...
    Mou does know his market (the opposition) and does endless research. Ask anyone who’s worked with him at Chelsea, Barcelona or Real Madrid.
    Mourinho is notorious for gathering information about the opposition team, analyzing the data, and briefing his players. The results are impressive.
    When interviewed for the Chelsea vacancy, he prepared PowerPoint presentations showing where and how he would develop the team.
    Board members were blown away. Mourinho looked at the league table that way a General would a battle field.
    He assessed his troops (team), reviewed the enemy(Man United perhaps), and drew up plans to undermine the opposition. And it worked.