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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cioran's nihilism woith touches of lyricism

Cioran, the somber philosopher
 Upon his entrance into the University, he met Eugène Ionesco and Mircea Eliade, the three of them becoming lifelong friends.
Cioran's skepticism  remains both inexhaustible and, in its own particular manner, joyful

Life inspires more dread than death — it is life which is the great unknown.
I feel I am free but I know I am not.

Here, a list of aphorisms taken from F. Savater

Life. "The fact that life has no meaning is a reason to livethe only reality. "
- Humanity. "Love thy neighbor is unthinkable. Did you ask virus to love another virus?".
- God. "A disease that we imagine to be cured because nobody dies from it today. "
- Death. "Nature, seeking a formula to satisfy everyone ,finally chose death, which, as expected, has not satisfied anyone. "
- Friendship. "With the age what we are most afraid of is that our friends outlive us. "
- Literature. "All literature begins with songs and ends with exercises. "
- Relativism. "What would our tragedies be if an insect would submit theirs?".
- Philosophy. "To glimpse the essence of things we should not  go into any  trade. We must remain lying down all day, ... and moan. "
- People. "A people represents not so much a collection of ideas and theories as of their  obsessions. "
- Religiosity"The further away be the men from  God, the more they advance in the knowledge of religions. "
- Time. "I do nothing, it is true. But I see my spending hours, which is more worth than to try to fill them. "
- Self-definition. "I am a philosopher howler. "

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