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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Journey Into A Far Country - by JJ Counsilman


Journey Into A Far Country is a novel of love and prejudice in modern China. Thomas, a long-time foreign resident, discovers China through random travels, “living vignettes” that are circumscribed life experiences with no relation to the rest of his life until he is attacked on an isolated mountain in Sichuan Province. The consequences of the assault evolve as Thomas tries to defeat a vengeful policeman, be accepted into a Chinese family, and lay his Chinese alter ego, Lóng Măn Róng (Dragon Full Glory), to rest. In successive roles as patient, prisoner, monk, farmer, bouncer, and gangster, Thomas encounters the dark side of modern Chinese society and himself. He also finds bravery, love, and wisdom within both, and learns about Chinese thinking, Daoism, and martial arts.


We both agree that carrying guns would be too alien and too much a denial of our wŭshù training—for now. Every martial artist hates guns for the obvious reason that they can usually nullify any amount of martial skill, but also for the hardly less obvious reason that the weapon’s frustrating superiority is commonly in the hands of ethical degenerates and morons. The gun user is the antithesis of the chivalrous fighter of old because pulling a trigger requires no gōngfu, no mental training, no code of conduct, and no courage; nothing more than the same muscles as a monkey.

JJ Counsilman holds a BA from California, MA (First Class Honours) from Auckland, New Zealand, and PhD from Queensland, Australia. 
He has lived in the US, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and China; and that has provided him with much material for his fiction and slos offered a great appreciation for the diversity of human behavior.

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