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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Feint and penio:

My Story

It was January 2011 – just another year.  I had the coming year all planned out.  I would continue living off the revenue I had slowly built up from a number of web apps I had running.  None of these web apps were particularly popular, but they made enough for a young, single guy to get by.   I had plans to spend the coming year in Thailand.  Oh how plans can change.
Then one weekend, I had an idea for a new app.  I didn’t think it to be particularly standout at the time.  But after putting it together in a week, something about this app was different.  This app was
The next few months of my life were surreal.  I still haven’t been able to take anything in.  From hopping on a plane, after getting an email from Jason Calacanis inviting me to Launch, or winning the design award….at Launch all the way to signing documents as the new CEO at Inc – crazy.

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But the craziness didn’t end there.  No kept on growing.  In June 2011 it received 3.3 million visitors (where the hell did they come from?) and in July…well July is going to be even bigger.
In a few months I went from being just some kid building web apps in his bedroom to CEO of Inc.
This is just the beginning of the story.  I don’t want things to settle down.  I’m quite ok with the craziness.  If you’d like to learn more about get in touch at  Or, if you’d like to work for and live the United States email

To have a look, this poem as an example:  what else can I say

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