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Sunday, October 16, 2011

ESL -videos with subtitles

To speak the truth, extensive listening is far better than testing listening BUT listening and understanding is the best. As careless inkjet learners we need language information. Mind you, that is as good as it can get. 
For news with script click here
Those are the links we can click for our videos with subtitles:

Firstly,  TED talks. Here the interest must be content. Follow the talks you want to learn about. Choose the   SPEAKERS / THEMES you want to follow.
Features: 8000 talks with subtitles on screen and the bestest interactive script on the web (on the right side)

Secondly, Universalsubtitles, a project of Participatory Culture Foundation
A lovely opportunity to become a user of English in an open source project!!!!

Then, a couple of individual work on enjoyable video clips and sketches:
Mingo Mendez (Catalonia). LiveScripts - Guiones.  Life is the movie where we are the leading character while we write the script of the movie we would like to live or shoot.

and lst but not least,  Mikesy András (Hungary) a creative teacher from CentreEurope who presents the History of the English!!! (you can miss it)

1. The next big thing.... SixthSense coming soon

TWO. Click on title or on link to watch it there.
Hans Rosling's 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes - The Joy...
4 minute  22 languages,  where you can download or edit any subtitle available, Easy as ABC.

here the famous Steve Job's conference at Standford University -2005

3. Rowan Atkinson as Devil: Welcome to hell  (at LiveScripts -M Mendez)

    Hello. It's nice to see you all here.
Now, as the most perceptive of you probably realized by now, this is Hell and I'm the Devil.
  Good Evening!
But you can call me Toby if you like,
we try to keep things informal in here as well as infernal.
That's a little joke of mine; i tell it every time.
    Now you are all here for... Eternity, which I hardly need tell you it's a heck of a long time.
So you'll all get to know each other pretty well by the end.
But for now I'm gonna have to split you up into groups.
    Will you stop screaming? Thank you.  (see all the piece at the link above)

4. Snappy Hamlet monologue: (Blackadder - Comedy)
 (script below from 2:10 to 3:25)
All the piece transcript at Hamlet Sketch-small rewrite  

(2:10) Blackadder: Bill, Bill, Bill... Why do we have to fight? It's long, long, long. We could make it so snappy...
Shakespeare: "Snappy"?
B:   Yeah, you know: give it some pizzazz. How's it begin, that speech?
Sh: [sits] "To be."
B:  Come on, come on, Bill.
Sh: "To be a victim of all life's earthly woes, or not to be a coward and take Death by his proffered hand."
B:  There, now; I'm sure we can get that down!
Sh: No! Absolutely not! It's perfect.
B:  [preparing to write] How about "To be a victim, or not to be coward"?
Sh: [shrugs] It doesn't make sense, does it! To be a victim of what? to be coward about what?
B:  OK, OK. Take out `victim'; take out `coward'. Just start "To be, or not to be."
Sh: You can't say that! It's gibberish!
B: But it's short, William, it's short! Listen, it flows: "To be, or not to be; that is the question." D'de, d'de de de, d'de d'de de de! OK?
Sh: You're damn right it's the question -- they won't have any bloody idea what he's talking about! (3:25)

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