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Monday, October 24, 2011

an uncanny full house theater with bikers ..... and you?

stunts with bikers in cinema

To reinforce the new product Duval Guillaume Modem proposed an original experiment, as Entertainment advertisers are learning that the most engaging video advertising feels like part of the video experience.
In Belgian cinemas some innocent couples were confronted with a theatre filled with not-so-friendly gentlemen and only 2 seats left… 
How will they react? and you?Put yourself in an uncanny (=impossible) situation.You go with your boyfriend to the cinema and the seller tells you that there are only two seats left in the middle of the room.You go and see 148 bikers with bad face staring at you.What would you do? Who would convince who?
Those who were not intimidated, .... got to know.
In the beginning of this year, Carlsberg launched a new global positioning and baseline ‘That Calls for a Carlsberg’. Carlsberg is a well-known brand, but people didn’t necessarily know what the brand stands for. With this global positioning Carlsberg wants to add essence to the brand and tell the Carlsberg story, so every market understands that Carlsberg beer stands for tradition, quality, a great taste … and making the right choices.

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