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Friday, October 21, 2011

Subway ettiquette and Groundfloor manners by Shelowitz

See all 10 posters here
The goal: to call New Yorkers out for their inappropriate or disgusting behavior, and to make them laugh i the process. “Keep your hands to yourself, perv,” one sign says. Another: “Keep your finger out of your nose. Please.” The posters bear the stamp of the MEA: Metropolitan Etiquette Authority.
MEA battles nose pickers

His new campaign deals with the manners on the ground this time.  Below one of these 
clever signs by Jason Shelowitz. This is found in DUMBO, Brooklyn and blends nicely into the environments - Passers-by nearly didn't notice it!!
Click this  Etiquette Project link to see more pics)

Jason Shelowitz has made it his mission to educate New Yorkers on proper urban decorum. 
All he had to do was break the law. (...) One encourages smokers not to litter. Another requests that 
walkers pay attention while crossing the street. A third, Mr. Shelowitz’s favorite, calls for police officers
 to pick up after their horses. The last, which has become something of a viral sensation on Facebook, 
reads simply: “Pull Up Your Pants. No One Wants to See Your Underwear.” Next to the text is an image
of an offending traveler, with a line through his semi-exposed backside.


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