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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pow Gasol and OW and AU-AW English spelling frequencies

Can you read the poster on the left?
Who can't deny that Pau Gasol was the Player of the week in NBA jargon.

The nick name is Pow Gasol, Power Gasol, Pow in short.
The other partner in spelling is OU, as in house, mouse, sound, 
pronounce, announce, 
sound as in profound, ground,  
ADD: 6 others

If the onomatopeic spelling clearly offers the sound of the word, would you pronounce WOW! 
(meaning exclamative surprise: What a wonderful thing!)
ou-ow -1 /au/ ow, town, power
TOWN + down, brown, town, 
HOW, now, cow, cowboy, clown, 
FLOWER +vowel, towel, tower, flower, power, 
crowded, powder,

au-aw /o:/  pause and law, audio and awful  
Very regular indeed. Here is the list.
 draw, drawer, awe, lawyer,  …
August, Laurie, autumn, cause, sauna, author, auxiliar, auto-, saurus, …
(names) Laura, Paula, Claudia, Paul, Paula, .. Austria, Australia,

Obviously, there are some irregularities with stressed syllables. Here you have a challenge:  Can you collect another 4?
With OW: (adjectives) slow, low, (verbs +nouns) show, snow, know, grow
With AW:  aunt, laugh, ...... , but not many.

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