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Thursday, November 24, 2011

universalsubtitles: Bicyles in china

Universal Subtitles gives individuals, communities, and larger organizations the power to overcome accessibility and language barriers for online video. The tools are free and open source and make the work of subtitling and translating video simpler, more appealing, and, most of all, more collaborative.
The benefits of captioning and subtitling are immense:
  • Captions make videos accessible for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Translations make it possible for all of us to watch video in languages that we don't speak
video de presentaci├│ de Universal Subtitles

Universal Subtitles (Tech Awards Video)

user            eoimanresa3            PWORD    curs3r2011

HOW TO get started:
1- ENTER as a member with our user name (and password) .... so everything goes smoothly and recording the results is easy. Afterwards
choose a video, for example:  video:  GVCS - Global Village Construction Set
2- click on ADD video
3- Select your language combination:
     this video is in English
             subtitle into .......CATALAN
             translate from ... ENGLISH
4- at the end  you are asked:
(note: it adds the percentage you have already translated . be it 2% or 26%, so you -or any other person- can continue next day)

PRACTICE. Video for unit. Bicyles in china

The Biggest, Baddest Bike-Share in the World: Hangzhou China

To add subtitles here, visit this link.

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