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Thursday, December 29, 2011

weird technology: gourmet oddity with the iHam 5Js

Order it now and you'll receive in the same pack an iKnife with Cut 'n Play technology; I think, I eat  ... therefore iHam (in Latin: Cogito, edo, ergo iHam)!
Shackleton welcomes you to the world of iHam.Iham is the perfect parternship of two unique concepts.“i” naturally meaning “I” and “Ham” meaning “ham”iHam is the ultimate in “black hooves” products, featuring the revolutionary 5Js technology: 7k of storage capacity and up to 35 days of gourmet playback over Christmas; Futhermore its unique touch system facilitates easy access to the rind and its "try me anywhere" wireless technology; 
The pack also features this exclusive iKnife...with X4 technology for enhanced cutting capabilityideal for sleeker slices.Thanks to its universal Cut & Play (UCnP) I eat ... therefore iham!
Importantly, if your iHam becomes locked up, simply turn it 180º.This automatically restart the iHam, allowing you to resume the normal activity.Welcome to a brand new sensation.Welcome to the world of iHam.And now... the new iHam nano!

Order it now and improve your iLife;
The two unique concepts I and Ham blend together to bring you the ultimate revolutionary 5Js technology.

Siete giù per le cattive notizie sulle tariffe di iPhone 3G? Consolatevi con il nuovissimoiHam 5Js, il prodotto più ricercato degli ultimi tempi e soprattuto il più atteso per il Natale 2008. iHam nasce dalla fusione di due concetti: “i” come “Io” e “ham” come… “prosciutto”. iHam è il Pata Negra definitivo, dotato di tecnologia 5Js, ha una capacità di 7Kg e un’autonomia da 1 a 35 giorni sotto le festività natalizie. Sul sito di iHam troverete anche altri rivoluzionari prodotti come iLoin, iHam Nano, iChis e iFua.
Per chi vuole provare un’esperienza da iGourmandise completa, Shackleton, l’azienda di comunicazione che ha ideato la simpatica trovata, ha pensato a tutto, anche alle periferiche. Il Guided Tour, accessibile dalla home del sito ufficiale, offre una straordinaria panoramica sul mondo dell’incredibile iHam. Con iKnife, incluso nella confezione, potrete scoprire una seamless integration fra coltello e prosciutto mai provata prima. Grazie ad  iHand potrete servire il vostro esclusivo Pata Negra con tutta la classe richiesta dal prodotto, magari integrandolo con un paio di fette di iBread, per poi offrire ai vostri ospiti un iClean per pulirsi le dita.

Click on peripherals 

Imagine if vegetarian Steve Jobs were to suddenly take his company into the delicatessen business and you get an idea of what iJam , pronounced "iHam", is about. 
The online parody not only sends-up Apple's products, showcasing cuts of meat in minimal white packaging, but also their website and through a "guided tour" video, their presentations. It's more strange than funny to see a leg of ham presented like a piece of hardware, promising "35 days of gourmet playback over Christmas" and "cut and play" performance. 
The prank is the creation of Barcelona-based multimedia agency Shackleton who is hoping the gag will net them new clients.

From the PR/Marketing firm Shackleton in Spain, a super funny riff on Apple products (which has been circulating in the Spanish blogosphere for months). The introductory video will make you burp bacon, it's so funny. 

Lulz deconstruction, for non-Spanish readers: the "j" would sound like "h" in Spanish if you said the word "iJam." Anyway, somehow the guy's Castellano accent makes it even funnier, because the "th" sounds are all so fancy to my mexican-spanish-trained ear.
click here: iHam 5Js.

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