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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Giving opinions

A Apparently, the government wants to
increase the number of young people
going to university. What do you think
about that?
B Personally, I think it's a good idea.
People should have the chance to go to
A Maybe, but it seems to me we need
more people with manual skills, not more
academics. And why haven't we got those
people? It's the government's fault.
B You think the government is to blame
for everything. But don't you reckon
it's a good idea, in principle, for more
young people to have a better education?
A Yes, I think education is an incredibly
important issue, but the point is, what
kind of education do we want young
people to have?


Apparentlythe government wants to
increase the number of English Speakers before 
going to university. What do you think
about that?
PersonallyI think it's a good idea.
All university entrance exam for one subject should have to be done in English!
Maybe, but it seems to me we need
more people with Spoken English skills, not more only
academic English any more. And why haven't we got those
people? It's the government's fault.
B You think the government is to blame
for everythingBut don't you reckon
it's good idea, in principle, for more
oral English for everybody as in Denmark 
to have a better education?
A Yes, I think education with English is an incredibly
important issuebut the point iswhat
do we have to change to get finally the new generation speaking English? Any ideas?

Taken from Oxford Word Skills -2011 (unit 63)

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