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Thursday, February 23, 2012

rebooting my computer

From this 25 operations which are related to
  • a)    problems
  • b)   Solutions
  • c)    Descriptive words

Windows loves Apple
 humourous sketch. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: here
1.     Delete
2.     Software problems
3.     Keyboard not responding
4.     Wireless netword
5.     300 MHz computer
6.     Retrieve password
7.     Computer crashes
8.     Install a patch for the update of the new version
9.     The cutting Edge of technology
10. Viruses – adware – Spyware
11. Computer frozen
12. This page can not be displayed
13. Log off
14. Your hard disk files have been deleted
15. Your computer will now crash
16. An error on your C:/ drive
17. In order to repair the error
18. Press any key to continue
19. Click “ok” to continue
20. Your operating system is broken
21. Windows hardware update
22.   Do you want to restart your computer now?
23.  An error ocurred while displaying this message
24.  The operation completed successfully. Click on “ok”.
25.  The target file exists. Do you want to overwrite the file with this new one?

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