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Sunday, May 17, 2015

“A team of Friends: A list”

“A team of Friends: A list” 

I know a friend, very strong and good. Gerard is 
                                the best friend in the world.

I know another friend, subtle and sensitive. Andres is 
                                certainly the best friend on earth.

I know another friend: very quiet and charming, there is 
                              no friend as good as Sergio.

I know another friend, who is enigmatical and secretive, 
                              Leo is the best of all.

I know yet another: who is sensible and enthusiastic, 
                              Alba is much better than the rest.

I know another, who is young and very quick, Pedro is 
                               the most beloved of all friends.

I know a lot more and they are all like that in Barça's team.
                                                based on a Chesterton poem, 

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   Resultado de imagen de barça toons 2015 rakitic

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