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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Citizen help! or nailing the citizen whereas they are servicing you

Kafka alive in a country something like ours! 
On the westernmost corner of the peninsula of our Euroasiatic continent
                   A real story Mr  R. C. (14/04/2012)

 Over a year ago I bought  a mixer blender which cost me over 800 euros in a store in P______ .Within a few months, making a puree, it broke the inner blade, probably due to a manufacturing defect. I went to the store with my certificate of guarantee. 

(not the real brand)
After contacting the supplier, and as always, this happened to be the only part NOT covered by warranty. The blade costs 200 euros which must be paid in advance. Obviously the range of price is expensive and if I don't want to throw the device, I accept this piece is worth 25 percent of total value.

I fill out the questionnaire with all relevant details and I place it, in June 2011, at the offices of District Council in my county, C_____. I  reveived a copy of the form.  Six months after having filled in the complaint, I am still having no news. I keep on phoning and somehow cannot reach the manager. Luckily, in the end,  I managed to talk to him. He assured me that my file was already sent to the distric capital, G_______ city.

In February, I get news from G________ saying that they had returned the case to P________. Can you believe it? Back to square one! Great achievement indeed! 
In March I managed to talk to the head of the office in P________ who told me that he had personally brought it back to G_________. I called them and there, a very friendly lady informs me that my complaint has not been processed because they deal with complaints issued  by individuals, not  by companies. 
To sum up, ten months needed to learn that my complaint channel was not right. I've given up. I have no extra time to spare, or enough staff to waste their time with such a complaint. Little had I doubted that our Administration was there to help us.  
Not anymore. I quit.

Indeed, it looks a country something like ours!
C_________ stands for Cerdanya,
P_________ stands for Puigcerdà
G_________ stands for Girona
 Mr  R. C. from Llivia.

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