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Monday, May 28, 2012

Honest dad - family matters

Bonds between father and son are difficult to create. When in doubt, be honest!

Comedy Inc came to rescue you. 

Comedy Inc (2003-07),  The fourth Aussie series, characterised by darker and even more risque material than the first two series of 'Comedy Inc. - The Late Shift', ran 25 1-hour episodes in total  making it the longest running series of the show to date.
Once you hear the dreadful question, how to use the truth to not tell lies.
A notable sketch with a father (Jim Russell) who tucks his young son into bed everynight, who usually asks him a question, but unbeknownst to himself, is slightly mature. An example is when the son asks his father 
The sketch will always end with the following lines:
  • Billy: "Honest dad?"
  • Father: "Would I lie to you mate?"
To start with:

1. Honest Dad on Santa Claus

(with subtitles)
2. Comedy Inc - Honest Dad on "Am I adopted?"

3. Honest Dad on the subject of monsters

This is from Comedy Inc's second series in 2004.

4. Honest Dad on Bird flu

From "its nothing just this pandemic thats sweeping the world kiilling off half the population" to "At least thats what the goverment is telling us."

5. Honest Dad on your secret friend

6. Another example is when the son asks his father "What happened to his cousin". Instead of telling a white lie, the father explains to his son that his cousin is gay and was thrown out by his homophobic father.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jarabe de Palo -

Dos canciones :  
       Depende    y     Dicen

Que el blanco sea blanco
y que el negro sea negro,
que uno y uno sean dos
porque exactos son los números
Que aquí estamos de prestao
que el cielo está nublao
que uno nace y luego muere
y este cuento se ha acabao
depende ¿de qué depende?
de según como se mire, todo depende
Que bonito es el amor
mas que nunca en primavera
que mañana sale el sol
porque estamos en agosto
Que con el paso del tiempo
el vino se hace bueno
que to lo que sube, baja
de abajo arriba y de arriba abajo
depende ¿de qué depende?
de según como se mire, todo depende
Que no has conocido a nadie
que te bese como yo
que no hay otro hombre en tu vida
que de ti se beneficie
Y si quiere decir si
cada vez que abres la boca
que te hace muy feliz
que sea el día de tu boda
depende ¿de qué depende?
de según como se mire, todo depende