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Friday, September 7, 2012

Black stories

Try this one (the answers below...)
Two men go to a restaurant, sit down, order their food. 
The food arrives, they taste the food, one of the men shoots the other and then himself.

Questions, anyone?
1Were they criminals?
A1: Nope, next..
2Did they know each other? 

3Was the food eatable?

4Were they relatives?

5Did they really want to die?

6 Is the reason of willingness to die an important issue to find the answer to this story?

7 Did the waiter told them anything?

8 Were they a father and a son?

9 Did they both have pistols?
10 Had they argued?
11 Was there an agreement between them, something like: if you eat that hot food I will not kill you... or something like that...?

Answers 2-8:
2 Yes.
3 Yes.
4 No.
5 One yes, one no.
6 Yes.
7 No
8 No.

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