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Friday, November 23, 2012

Meet the beefeaters with Isha Datar

The limits of my mind are the limits of my world.  

                                    Meat the future

Meat the future is a project that intends to inform people about todays unsustainable and inhumane meat industry. But also give hope for a change as there is a solution in sight, called In Vitro meat.

Meat produced in vitro has been proposed as a humane, safe and environmentally beneficial alternative to slaughtered animal flesh as a source of nutritional muscle tissue. The basic methodology of an in vitro meat production system (IMPS) involves culturing muscle tissue in a liquid medium on a large scale.
Industrial relevance: The development of an alternative meat production system is driven by the growing demand for meat and the shrinking resources available to produce it by current methods.

Isha Datar is the author of “Possibilities for an in vitro meat production system”, Canada’s only scientific investigation into cultured meat. Isha’s work has contributed to the development of Canada’s first in vitro meat lab at the University of Alberta, and has been featured in several articles in Canada and abroad. Her advocacy for the responsible use of science to contribute to food security has led to multiple speaking engagements on in vitro meat and agrobiotechnology patent reform.

“Democratizing Agribiotechnology” @ Pecha Kucha Edmonton 8 – slideshow

Here are the slides for PKN8 Edmonton for those who are interested.

The future for mushrooms in a log at home... .here!

For a fairytale of blossoming spaguetti trees int he idyllic Swiss valleys:

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