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Sunday, May 5, 2013

my journey - her travels - their trip are about swapping stories

What is Bicycle Travel?

What is bicycle travel?
Bicycle travel isn't about bike.
It's about going slowly, exploring your country, and seeing it for the first time.
It's about doing something you didn't think you could do before.
It's about riding to some places you've never been.
It's about slowly climbing a mountain,...
...then flying down the other side.
It's about traveling with friends...
...and making new ones.
It's about roadside fruit stands...
...or finding the best meal you've ever had...
...and getting seconds.
It's about getting lost to find yourself.
But most of all, bicycle travel is about people...
...swapping stories with other travelers and laughing with the locals.
Because when you travel on a bike, you can't help but smile...
...and people can't help but smile back.
Travel by bike. Live more.

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