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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Child-Rearing Approach

Children - Child- Childless

Increasing Childlessness in Germany and Japan

Toward a Childless Society?

Voluntary childlessness and being Childfree 

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Does society discriminate against the childless? - BBC News

Annette Lareau (2003) has researched the (powerful yet largely invisible) impact of social class on child-rearing practices and 
discovered that middle-class and working-class parents tend to follow two different approaches to child-rearing.

TASK. Pick the statements  below and write them next to the appropriate social class

SET1.Interventions in Institutions
Conflict between child-rearing practices at home and at school.
Criticisms and interventions on behalf of child,
Training of child to take on this role.
Sense of powerlessness and frustration
  • working-class parents
  • middle-class parents
SET2.Language Use
Rare questioning or challenging of adults by child,
Extended negotiations between parents and child.
  • working-class parents
  • middle-class parents
SET 3. Organization of Daily Life
Multiple child leisure activities orchestrated by adults
“Hanging out,” particularly with kin, by child.
  • working-class parents
  • middle-class parents

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