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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Music to my ears: From Mercury to a messy Lionel

Long live Queen

Freddie Mercury is quoted saying, “Talent will out, my dears”.

The event took place after recording Bohemian Rhapsody. When Freddie sat at the piano and first played ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ to the band, producer Roy Baker said, “Freddie set out three impressive verses then stopped and said, ‘Now dear, this is where the opera section comes in.” 
This was before pre-digital days. The 180-voice ‘chorus’ in Bohemian Rhapsody (all Mercury/May/Taylor vocals) was recorded over seven straight 12-hour days. 

“Talent will out, my dears” was Freddie's comment at the end.

EL RUNRÚN - Adjetivos para Messi    Màrius Serra - 12/04/2010

How good is Google translator to cope with adjectives. Today we will face a hard test: Messi

  ___ A ___
Abismal, abnegado, abstracto, accesible, acertado, acometedor, activo, acurado, adecuado, admirable, afable, afanado, agigantado, ágil, agradable, agresivo, agudo, alarife, alegrante, alegre, alentoso, altruista,
amable, ambidextro, ambidiestro, amigable, angelical, animado, ,, aplicado, apreciable, apropiado, apto, arrojado, asequible, asombroso, astuto, atento, atrevido, atroz, audaz, aventurado,

Abysmal, selfless, abstract, accessible, accurate, undertaker, active, Acura, adequate, admirable, loving, toiling, gigantic, fast, friendly, aggressive, sharp, praise, scorpion, architect, gracious, happy, encouraged, unselfish, 
kind, two-handed, ambidextrous, friendly, angelic, animated,, rigged, apparently, applied, wretched, significantly, a hurry, appropriate, suitable, argument, cast, affordable, amazing, clever, caring, daring, outrageous, audacious, adventurous

  ___ H ___
hábil, habilidoso, hacendoso, halagüeño,  hurón,

clever, skillful, industrious, promising,  ferret-like,

  ___ I ___
ilimitado, ilógico, impagable, impertérrito,
 imponderable,  imprevisible, imprevisto,   incansable, 
 inefable, inesperado, inestimable,
 infatigable, ingente, inigual,
, inimaginable, inmenso,  inquieto,
 insólito, insospechado,
insuperable, íntegro, intrépido, intrigante, inusitado,  irrepetible, 

unlimited ,illogical, pricelessimpassive, 
unflappable, unforeseeableunpredictable,  tireless, 
 unspeakable, unexpected, valuable, 
relentless,  enormous, unequaled, 
 superb, immense,  unforgettable restless, unusual, unexpected,
 unsurpassed, whole,  bold, intriguing, unusual,  unique,

  __ J ___ jovial, juguetón, juicioso, justo, 

 jovial, playful, thoughtful, fair, 

  ___  ___
laborioso, laudable,  ligero, límpido, lince, lindo, listo, llamativo, llano, loable, loco, lúcido, luminoso, 

laborious,  laudable,  light, clear, lynx, cute, smart, flashy, plain, laudable, crazy, lucid, luminous,

  ___  T ___

talentoso,  temerario, templado, tímido, titánico,  tolerante,   tratable, tremendo, trepidante, turbulento, único, útil, valeroso, válido, valiente, valioso, vasto, veloz,  vertiginoso,  vistoso, vivaracho, vivaz, vivo, viril, voluntarioso, zalamero, 

talented , fearless, warm, shy, titanic,  tolerant,   treatable, tremendous, exciting, turbulent, unique, useful, brave, true, brave, valued, vast, fast,  vertiginous,  colorful, lively, vivacious, vivid, virile, willful, flattering. 

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