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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Power of learning or TV comes to you: FILMON.COM

Watching English-medium television is an experience shared by
 the vast majority of learners (even Catalan ones). 
As the witty Oscar Wilde almost said: 
"Do not let your EOI school interfere with your English education"
self-suf·fi·cient (slfs-fshnt)
1. Able to provide for oneself without the help of others; independent.
2. Having undue confidence; smug.

If you some times felt something was lacking in your learning, answer honestly HOW MUCH of your contact with English was through the oral way. Perhaps an appalling 6% or less than the 3% !!!???
One of the most apparent failures is the feeling that 
"the real everyday language used in spoken interactions by natives is elusive and never taught in my classes."
When lost, fo to the sources, use the D-I-Y approach, ... filmOn. 
FilmOn is a simple, free way to get network TV delivered to your computer. Back in the day, you could only watch network TV with an antenna or a cable box. But now, consumers enjoy lots of options.
FilmOn users can now stream all-time favourite 
options (BBC One, ITV and Channel 4) for free on the
 site, along with around 200 other live channels. 

I would like to end this entry with another quote by the very Oscar Wilde, someone who distilled pearls of wisdom: 
“Education is an admirable thing. But it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.”

Mobile Devices: In 2010, FilmOn launched a streaming internet TV service for mobile devices. In 2012, FilmOn announced the launch of its Facebook app.
UK-live-TV Channels: BBC One, ITV; Channel 4, ...

NEWS (23 channels):

Euronews, TV5 France, Russia today, CCTV China news, etc


CCTV NEWS is the English language news channel of China Central Television (CCTV), the nation's largest national broadcasting network. Its wide range of coverage includes newscasts, in-depth reports, and commentary programs, as well as a host of feature presentations.

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