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Monday, November 25, 2013

emphasizing emphasis You need love

em·pha·sis  (mf-ss)
n. pl. em·pha·ses (-sz)
1. Special forcefulness of expression that 
gives importance to something singled out.

Study how the  Beatles do the Fronting syntax device:
Love is all you need

The only thing you need is love = 
   ALL you need is love

Study these other ways:
You need love. Absolutely
You need love. Exactly

Absolutely is perhaps the strongest. 
If you use exactly, you are emphasizing that what someone has said is 100% correct

2- Reflexive pronouns: 
You yourselves need love 


Never should you be deprived of your need for love

4-Cleft Sentences: It
Sentences introduced by 'It is' or 'It was' are often used to emphasize a specific subject or object. The introductory clause is then followed by a relative pronoun.
 Example: It is you who need love 
                  It is love what you need
5- Cleft Sentences: What
Sentences introduced by a clause beginning with 'What' are also used to emphasize a specific subject or object. The clause introduced by 'What' is employed as the subject of the sentence as is followed by the verb 'to be'.
Example: What you need is a good long love. 

Other forms:
You need to be loved. It's true.
You need love, you do.
You DO need love
You need love, and only love.
Love and only love is what you need
  • How to emphasize a situation/element ( :
    • One must highlight  we all need love
      it must be underlined the fact that you need love
      You must draw your attention to 
      the bare fact that you need love

Collocations on emphasis

▪  addgivelayplaceputshift

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