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Monday, November 11, 2013

English Menu (Ingliz Menuyu)

Ingliz Menuyu

William Dalrymple was born in Scotland and has become an internationally acclaimed writer of many travel books.  He wrote a book, at the age of 22, called 'In Xanadu' which was published in 1989.

In his book Dalrymple recorded various experiences he and his companion had while travelling in Asia; this example is a menu he came across in a restaurant.  It's a wonderful example of how to mangle English and is best appreciated by reading it out loud.  However, the funny English idioms can be deciphered, even better, bet the food was delicious.

Kujuk Ayas Family Restrant
      Ingliz Menuyu
Ayas soap
Turkish tripte soap
Sheeps foot
Dalrymple's Xanadu English MenuMacaront
Water pies
Eats from meat:
Deuner kepab with pi
Kebap with green pe
Kebap in paper
Meat pide
Kebap with mas patato
Samall bits of meat grilled
Almb chops
Meat in earthenware stev pot
Will and Guy's Humour - English menu or Ingliz Menuyu
Stfue goreen pepper
Stuffed squash
Stuffed tomatoes z
Stuffed cabbages lea
Leek with finced meat
Brain salad
Cacik -- a drink made ay ay
And cucumber
Frying Pans:
Fried aggs
Scram fried aggs
Scrum fried omlat
Omlat with brain
Sweets and Fruits:
Stewed atrawberry
Nightingales nests
Virgin lips
A sweet dish of thinsh of batter with butter

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