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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

pronunciation webpage DAILY_ESL

The best page on pronunciation according to learners!

From RANDALL listening laboratory pages two webpages where you work 7 minutes

Study and repeat these 1-minute passages of the last webpage  DAILY_ESL

text 1 
Appliance Store: Washers, Dryers, and Refrigerator
I'm moving into a new home this weekend, so I decided to do some shopping to furnish the place. I went to an appliance store not too far from my house, and I first bought a refrigerator for the kitchen. You really can't live without one because you have to keep your food cold or frozen so it doesn't spoil. Then, I bought a washer and dryer to clean and dry my clothes. I don't want to go to a laundromat to do this every week like I used to do. Next, I bought a dishwasher. I probably don't need one because I could wash my dishes by hand, but having a dishwasher can make life easier. You simply put the dishes inside, add some dishwashing detergent, and turn the machine on. Finally, I picked up a microwave oven. If I'm really in a hurry and don't have time to cook, I can throw something in the microwave and heat it up quickly. I haven't purchased everything I need to furnish my new place, but I think I have the basic appliances to make life more comfortable for now.

Text 2
When I need gas for my car, I pull into a gas station right around the corner from my house and use my gas card. Years ago, full-service gas stations were very common. The gas station attendant would put gas in your car, check the oil level in your engine and air pressure in your tires, and wash your windows. However, things have changed. Now, most gas stations are self-service centers where you do all your car maintenance. Personally, I usuallyfill the car up with gas every time I stop. I generally pay with cash, but more and more gas stationsaccept credit cards, and you can pay at the gas pump outside without going into the station to pay the cashier directly. Now, because gas prices are on the rise, I am thinking about buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle or just taking the bus to work.
Now during the next 4 weeks,
choose 2 others every week.

to make the spoken text as good as 90% of the original pronunciation
repetition from 2 other passages of the last webpage TRAIN YOUR ACCENT

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