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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Spot the sound differences

Pronounce the following sentences as your partner does.

Spot the differences with him/her:

She told me to talk about the e-waste.

The words "world war" are finally in our leaders' decisions.

The mention of nature is good 
for the volunteers of your country.

The aim of the owner of the building 
is to be constructed this century 
as he has always promised.

The vehicle for the guardian of my aunt 
is powered by natural cable energy.

The three expeditions wished to raise
 the awareness for the true archeological Egypt.

Those press articles deal with the changing reading taste
in the society of modern libraries.

There aren't many Irishmen registered in Spain
because the text mentioned only 12.530.

There is a mild climate in another island 
of the Pacific ocean.

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