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Monday, February 17, 2014

SOUL SPACE in Manresa -Music and health in our Gothic room

Music and health in the Gothic room of the Hospital of St. Andreu, Manresa . It's a unique proposal released today by the name of " Soul Space (Espai Ànima) " and promoted by musician Albert Giménez Galbany ( ÀNiAM).
Indian Tambura
We are glad to anounce that there will be programmed "calm and quiet" music, twice a month in an interesting architectonical place indeed. A cultural proposal with  therapeutic properties born, according to Gimenez, of " the interest in the benefits of relaxation and meditation to calm the hectic pace of modern life we are immersed in." 
The concerts begins today with Albert G. Trio , formed by the same Giménez ( flute ) , Ramon Rodriguez ( tabla , percurssionista ) and Marta Serra ( tambura). They will perform classical music from India. 
  • PROGRAMME The beginning of the concert , every first and third Wednesday of the month will be at 19:45h. The next meeting, on 20 November , will be with the group “Espai endins” ( Joan Miró and Joel Olive ) .
For Gimenez, also coordinator of the concert series Música i Romànic, organized by Friends of Art Romanic from Bages , the Gothic Room of the Hospital of St. Andrew is an " ideal place with great acoustics. " In the concerts , you’ll be able to listen to traditional instruments and traditional music from around the wolrd, as well as new sounds from amazing new instruments.
From those therapists and musicians who will participate you will recognise names such  as Joan Miró , Joel Olive , Ana Fernandez, and Sylvan Farran Natxo Tarres , among others.
The best is yet to come.
See you there, 

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