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Monday, March 17, 2014

Afterdeath experiences: the high cost of post-living

today we deal with shared experiences:

“It always ends. That's what gives it value.”

How much is a funeral or cremation going to cost?
Funeral cost-cutting are killing the trade to a dead-end.

The booming Industry  say people are opting for simpler services to bring down overall death expenses.

The question of how much a funeral should cost is one that we often ask Online nowasays.  The question of cost is sometimes an issue that people feel uncomfortable asking a funeral director, believing that asking “how much” does not seem dignified. 
This demonstrates just how much of a ‘distressed purchase’ a funeral is, and how culturally we still feel uneasy about the ritual of dying.
Yet, with tougher economic times hitting all of us, the cost of dying has become a very important one. 

There are so many considerations related to:
 the type of casket, casket liner, vault, cemetery plot, grave marker, etc, etc. 
 In the case of a burial, 
embalming is an additional cost,
plus dressing, a viewing, vehicles required,
services of a celebrant and the list goes on.  

At a stressful time, all these questions and choices can be deadly daunting

Historically the funeral industry has not openly disclosed funeral prices, and you hesitantly receive a published price list.  
These days you can find more funeral homes providing open disclosure of funeral package prices.  However, the cost of a funeral can still vary significantly depending on where you live and which funeral services provider you use.  
Be sure to check what kind of funeral business you are dealing with.  
VIDEO: Why Funeral Costs in the U.K. Are on the Rise 

Mind you,weddings and funerals have a lot in common:
 everyone’s dressed up, families get together, some people are crying, and the guests of honor ride off in fancy vehicle to an uncertain future
why not ....

Save Money: Get Married In A Funeral Home

It is HIGHLY recommended that you investigate prices from more than one funeral home.


Check some letters to the editor from our sources:

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