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Monday, November 24, 2014

Brave new books -Re-read shows the lead

At Re-Read you’ll discover second-hand books in perfect condition.
You can also sell yours.
Because there are always read books and books to read.
That’s why we Re-buy and we Re-sell, so you never run out of either

What kind of Re-Reader are you?

The bookshop is divided into sections and themes: what Re-Reader are you from the following categories?

 two books   5€


Five books  10€

5 libros 10 euros

Re-Give BooksRe-Read ‘s Charity project

Gran vía 564 - 
C. Rosselló, 158 –
C. Londres, 7 - 
C. Muntaner, 337 –
Pg Sant Joan, 152 –

 L’Hospitalet: C. Progres, 124 –  
  Mataró:Plaça Cuba, 19  SABADELL (coming soon)Carrer de Calderón, 16
 TERRASSA (coming soon)Rambla Egara, 223  ST: CUGAT  (coming soon):C. Major , 7

GIRONA:  C. de les Ballesteries, 4

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