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Monday, November 17, 2014

reading and sharing ideas -Sketches-Mitchell and Webb


Play the dialogue:

Can I just take this out?
Oh — and can I reserve Cold Mountain?
I said, "No". I'm not going to reserve that for you. This is far more appropriate for you.
Well, I know it's silly. I just thought I'd read some...
God-awful rubbish like you always do? Yeah, I'd steer clear of Cold Mountain if I were you. It's not like when you watched it on DVD with your "girlfriends". There's no dishy Jude Law to hold your hands through the difficult prose.
Yes, it's all words. Most of them quite a lot longer than the ones you'd find in your copy of Top Santé or Gratzia.
Look at that. It's a comprehensive list of all the depressing books you've ever taken out. Do you know what that tells me?
It tells me you are possibly the dullest, most dunderheaded female ever to scrape together the mental where-withal correctly to fill in a library application form. Did you have help?
Did I what!?
Shhhh! This is a library.
Just look at it. It's like the reading list of the University of Thick.
I went to Warwick.
When you talk to people, do you find they do this a lot? "Uh-huh, yeah, fine, un-huh, yeah, Mmmmm."

Now, try to offer a good book selection to these two people: 
1- a Brain surgeon 
2- a Rocket scientist

The Insulting Librarian - Mitchell & Webb

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