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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Play time is up, now debate: Is It Time to Stop Teaching Kids Handwriting?

Is It Time to Stop Teaching Kids Handwriting?

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Can Finnish students read the above cursive writing? Probably not – and that’s primarily because the word is in English. Even if they could read English, though, Finnish kids will soon have difficulty comprehending this word, as Finland has declared that it will phase out handwriting lessons over the next two school years.
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At  BBC: 

       Typing takes over as handwriting lessons end

Learning joined-up writing, often in fountain pen in the UK, is almost a rite of passage for primary school students.  
But Finland is moving into the digital age by ditching the ink in favour of keyboards, the Savon Sanomat newspaper reports.
Finnish students will no longer be taught handwriting at school,
with typing lessons taking its place, it's reported


List four other ideas to support either option.


  • Computer literacy is an essential part of modern schooling
  • limited classroom time
  • who learn to type fast can communicate their thoughts
  • there are other ways for students to develop dexterity and motor skills


  • learning cursive instills dexterity and motor skills
  • more efficient way for people to write lengthier messages.
  • it  comes at the cost of teaching handwriting
  • it seems to favor tradition

TASK2. Time for debate: 

Inappropriately dubbed

 “end-of-an era  Crimes

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