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Friday, February 17, 2017

Charming Lisbon

Lisbon the capital of Portugal.

Portugal went back to be also an exporter of it's own youth - 
everybody  there can give you news 
of a young graduate who, after her studies, got two minijobs of 300 euros/month here and was desesperate until she got an offer in a country in Europe: a real job  for 2000 euros/month. 
Some of  my friends went through the same: despair there in spite of being highly qualified and jobs you couldn't dream of in England, Switzerland and even Mozambique...

CITY life. An article  written in El País tell us about 
how Lisbon has lost 100,000 people per decade for the last 30 years. 
It is now in the  EU’s top ten most quickly shrinking cities.
 The reasons they list include:
  •  poor condition of public services like schools and hospitals, 
  • and the fact that property in Lisbon costs 3 times more than in surrounding municipalities. 

10 things we did in  Lisbon

A) Where to get lost:
Besides the obvious sites, where you will end up...
1- Market de Graça 
 on Saturday mornings.
often thought to mean "Thieve's Market" (in Portuguese "ladra" is a woman thief) 
Lisbon's flea market is called locally the Feira da Ladra, 

2- Panoramic View at "Jardim do Torel".  Near "Casa de Galicia"
For example, From Metro Martin  Monitz, go up along Rua Sao Lazaro till Manuel Bento.

B) Where to get walk the little lanes:
Mouraria  curiously remains the most multiethnic neighborhood in the city. It's nonetheless a very authentically Lisbon neighborhood, known as the birthplace of FadoAnother hidden treasure is the interior of the former Colégio dos Meninos Orfãos orphanage on Rua da Mouraria

Alfama. this quaint medieval district (once the Moorish and Jewish quarter before it became a fishing community) is the oldest neighborhood in EuropeGraça. Set in a visually stunning hill that extends to the neighborhood of Graça, this is Lisbon at its most picturesque and the very soul of the city. 

C) Where to spend the sunset.

Take the ferry at Cais do Sodre and get to the neighbourhood of Cacilhas. Walk some 10 minutes along the river till the lovely coffee place there. From 18 till sunset... get the last sun beams on your face while you enjoy are below the large bridge and a view of the city from the other site.

D) Where to have a bite.

O Eurico  -Largo de Sao Cristovao, 3A little chaotic and crowded inside this little family casa/restautant. Very genuin and the atmosphere was really nice.

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