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Thursday, January 29, 2015

tech-privacy Mikko Hypponen on Three Types of Online Attack

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Mikko Hypponen: 

Three Types of Online Attack 


Mikko Hypponen is the host of the current talk, which title was Three Types of Online Attack. He starts stating that Governments have infiltrated technology to track what we do.

He exemplified it both with the communist countries in the 1980s, where any typewriter owner could be tracked by their “wrong ideas.” Also with any color printer today with its imperceptible yellow dots. This is just one way showing how our governments illegally act.

Firstly, online criminals who want to make Money using Trojan Horses to steal money from our bank accounts, easy victims of an online crime, a trend on the increase, no doubt. Secondly, hacker groups targeting large Networks, motivated by pursuing justice against evil-doing from corporations. Lastly, governments acting against their own citizens, as in Egypt, with totalitarian practices hacking into websites their citizens use to identify these individuals. Naively, or not,  western governments are following suit, as when Germany recently released a Trojan Horse to spy on its own citizens.

The trouble stems from how much we value  or give up some (or all) of our privacy. In fact, it is a question of freedom versus control with the downside that the outcome  will bring less safety, but more government control.  He ends up with a dreadful question: Should we blindly trust any new government?

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