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Thursday, February 12, 2015

On each FILE: constant injuries, fatal wounds, deadly end, oh LIFE

WHO IS this person?

name 1: .....................
They lacerated her entire body with scourges armed with lead, poured boiling oil over all wounds, and applied burning torches to both sides and breasts.The executor ordered that all-over flesh should be torn off with iron hooks until the bones should be laid bare. To add insult to injury, there was a determination to have a burn-alive conclusion. The executioners therefore kindled a great fire around her, and the flames catching all hair the corpse was quickly smothered.  (as told by Prudentius)

name 2: .....................
In August, with a few of the brothers, made waywards through the  forest to a place of retreat. And here on  September 14, in that in-between time before sunrise began, but after night was done, a vision of a flying winged being, nailed to a cross was made vivid with stabs of pain in hands, feet, and sides. The vision vanished, and  the body was witness of the stigmata. Thenceforth both hands were kept covered with sleeves, and wore shoes and stockings. December 1223 was  spent outside the neaerest village, weary in mind and bodyHaving become extremely frail, he remained at this place for some months longer.Overall signals of health were growing worse, the stigmata were a source of pain, and eye-sight  failing. Finally,  having undergone the agonizing treatment prescribed- cauterization of the forehead by white-hot iron, and plasters to keep the wound open. Strangely enough, obtaining some relief. Having asked to be buried in the criminals' cemetery, a will not fulfilled:  the next morning a crowd of his fellow citizens came down and bore his body to the church of St. George.

name 3: .....................
In a quixotic attempt in 1521 to defend the border fortress against the enemy artillery, his limb was shattered by a cannon ball, and  then set back into place - a procedure performed without anesthesia-  on the battlefield on a stretcher.Captors, impressed by the sheer courage, carried a  severely wounded person on a litter to his family home where he was on the offset of a long span of convalescence.However,  bones were not properly set. (he called it butchery!)The physicians broke his bones for a second time and reset them again. After his second surgery,  she soldier was left with a violent fever which left him in a weakened, life-threatening state. His physicians thought he would live for only a couple of days before the fever would eventually take his life, and received the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick and was preparing for death. Because of these surgeries, part of his bone protruded from just behind his knee. Bravely enough,  he begged that the bone be cut off and removed so as not to have an obvious deformity. The bone was cut off and left the cavalier with one leg shorter than the other. 
As the bones mended, he tried weights pulling on the bones of his shortened leg in at attempt to have the leg returned to its normal length. However, the wound caused a permanent limp for the rest of his life. 
He then was bed-ridden for nine endless months. Just like anyone else who would be confined to a bed for that long, he was dead bored. He asked for brave new books - on knights, chivalry and beautiful women but .... (the rest is history with light and food for soul aswell)


name 1: .......  Patroness Saint of BCN (12 February)
                         EMUALRATLYIRA   (290-304 CE)
                   A greatest martyr and profoundly beloved by the Spanish Orthodox people.

name 2: .......  Patron for the poverty as an example
                      Born Giuseppe -but known as the current Pope :) 
                       FDREAANSCSEISSCO  (1181/82 -1226 CE)

name 3: .......  A well-know figure in Manresa,
                        after his 11-month stay by the banks of Cardoner river
                       a book and a rapture 
                       ILGONYAOTLIAUS   (1491-1556 CE)

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