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Monday, March 23, 2015

CONTINOUS ASSESSMENT C1- October - Christmas package.

C1 -        First term     unit 1-5
At the end of the term we will have covered  5 units 
LANGUAGE PROJECT_01- DEALING WITH LISTENING - you should have produced one task (2 proposals) :
  UNIT 4.  
TASK: Listen to 22-minute Semipermanent programmes: EXPATS in  SEOUL  (from 1 to 19),
and choose ONE programmes to prepare 10 questions to test your classmates.

ORAL - you should have taken part in two at least (= 4 proposals) :
ORAL EXAM_-PRACTICE (groups of 3 learners)
ORAL EXAM_unit 3. Prepare a  4-minute speech on ONE of these topics:
  2A.  World languages learning. Explore the webpage on 8Belts at
  2B: My experience as a reader  (Using Pullman questionaire as a model)

ORAL EXAM_unit 4. Prepare a  4-minute speech on   Changing food habits in my family.
ORAL EXAM_unit 5. Prepare for Thursday a  4-minute speech on  Cyberwars, leaks and lies. ( wikileaks, Snowden, Intelligence agencies, cloud piracy, etc)

WRITTEN- you should have handed in 8 at least (= 12 proposals) :
4  WR_Class compositions 
Listen_To_Write. Integrating skills.

  UNIT 1.   
WR1. A childhood anecdote (guidance in your workbook p. 7) 14 October
L-WR_00. Listening TWICE >> WRITING. Mementos and scraps of myself  By Elizabeth
L-WR_01. Listen to this talk on X is the unknown: TED talks
  UNIT 2.  
WR2. a  Cover LETTER (guidance in your classbook p. 25) 6th November
L-WR_02. Listen to this talk on X is the unknown. Pay attention at his control of communication with the audience: TED talks:Mathmagic with Arthur Benjamin
  UNIT 3.  
WR_03 is TO WRITE a NEGATIVE REVIEW of our novel BNW, next month.
Listen>WRITE_03.  Listen to our Interview with Matthew Tree in PuntAvui_TV (12th November 2014)
UNIT 4.  
WR_04 is an article for a food magazine -see Two hours of solitude (files in Sip a coffee )
Listen>WRITE_04.  Listen to Hans Rosling on data at the TED link below, and write a text on its content:
  UNIT 5.  
WR_05.   Retrofitting Mataró.  Write a composition on improving the town (any) following the guidlines given. Use the Ellen Dunham TEDtalk to help yr text.
Listen>WRITE_05.  Listen to the Mayor of Bogotá on transforming the city at the TED link below, and write a text on its content:

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