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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Expats lives - Semipermanent in Seoul (synopsis) -Arirang

Expats lives - 

13 episodes from Semipermanent  in Seoul (Korea)

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 See synopsis below.  

From the last last to the oldest, so  episode 20 is  the first.

Episode 20: "If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now."

Episode 18: "Making the Grade"

Episode 16: "Night Owl"

Episode 14: "Quirky Korea"

Episode 13: "It's cold"

Episode 12: "A Spin On Traditional"

Episode 11: "By Design"

 Episode 07  Booze

 Episode 06 All dressed Up

 Episode05 A good Sport

 Episode 04 – 'State of the Art'

 Episode 03 Live to Eat

 Episode 02  music

Episode 20: "If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now."
Erik and Tiffany meet up with three expats who have found different ways to feel at home abroad. Ashley was born in Korea but grew up in the U.S. after being adopted. A few years ago, she came back to Korea without a definite plan, but after meeting people who made a difference in her life, she decided to stay and volunteer for an organisation that helps single mothers. Later, Erik and Tiffany meet Luis, a Mexican diplomat serving his first post. Luis takes them to a few places that remind him of Mexico, and the three discuss the importance of having those reminders when living abroad. Ide came to Seoul from Ireland with nothing but a backpack 11 years ago. Now she is married Korean husband and has three-year-old twins. Seoul is where she feels most comfortable, but her husband has just been transferred to Russia. Erik and Tiffany meet Ide to reminisce about her time in Seoul and discuss the challenges of starting over in a new place.

Episode 18: "Making the Grade"
Erik and Tiffany spend the day with Matt, a 7th grade international school teacher. They resurrect their math skills to see if they can compete with Matt's students, and then afterwards he gives them a tour of the school facilities. Next Erik and Tiffany meet Mi Na, a 6th grade student who attends a multicultural school especially for kids of mixed ethnicity. After music class, they treat Mi Na for ice cream to celebrate her graduation. Later, they visit Rick, a hagwon owner. An experienced teacher, Rick recently opened the English language academy with his wife and is finding out what it takes to make the business survive.

Episode 16: "Night Owl"
Tiffany and Erik explore the underbelly of the city after the sun goes down. For Bobby, a musician, night is the most creative part of the day. Erik and Tiffany head to a cafe where he's giving a small concert and then Bobby takes them to his "studio", which is wherever he happens to be at the moment. A bit later, Erik and Tiffany meet up with Mihal, a Bulgarian chef and explore the night vegetable auction at Garak market. Then it's off to spend time with pro-gamer Nick. Erik and Tiffany get a look at what life is like inside a professional team house as well as what happens in a PC bang during the wee hours.

Episode 14: "Quirky Korea"
Some things in Seoul leave foreigners scratching their heads. Erik and Tiffany take on two cultural differences, "cuteness" and "poop". They meet Cherrish, a Filipina actress, at the Princess Diary cafe where they try on wedding attire. Then it's off to a Korean accessory shop filled with overly cute knick knacks. Finally delving into her acting repertoire, Cherrish teaches Erik and Tiffany how to put on their best "aegyo" face. Later, they meet up with Paul, a blogger who's taken a particular interest in Korean attitudes about "poop". The trio pays a visit to the toilet museum then embarks on a poo sculpture scavenger hunt. Along the way, they satisfy their hunger with a snack of poop shaped bread.

Episode 13: "It's cold"
Erik and Tiffany bundle up and head out to Phoenix Park Ski Resort for a day on the slopes with pro boarder and instructor Brendon. Next, they warm up with food blogger Tom, who's on a mission to sample traditional Korean winter fare, from patjuk to naju gomtang. Finally, they meet up with Clay to get some rest and relaxation on a slow train heading out of the city to Jeongdongjin Beach.

Episode 12: "A Spin On Traditional"
"A Spin On Traditional" meets three expats who bring new perspectives to Korean traditions. Erik and Tiffany start by getting their hands dirty with Peter, who invites them into his pottery studio at Hongik University. Peter moved here to study ceramics, and he's about to graduate and start his career. Next, it's over to Gunja to visit an exhibition of modern Hangeul typography co-curated by Chris, who's written a book about the history and design potential of the Korean written word. After checking out posters designed by artists around the world, they head over to Chungmuro to get a printing job done and check out the industrial history of the neighbourhood. Finally, it's time to brew some makgeolli with Dan and Becca, a couple who have become experts on the traditional rice beverage. In their classroom at the Susubori brewing academy, the foursome test out some new flavours and toast the old and the new.

Episode 11: "By Design"
Erik and Tiffany visit Italian architect, Simone, at his hanok home in Bukchon. Simone shows them how he's modernised the interior to make it a livable and personal space. Then it's off to one of his projects in progress, the Citizen Gallery located under Seoul City Hall. Later, Erik and Tiffany meet, Alain, a Belgian designer at Renault Samsung Motors. They get behind the wheel for a test drive as well as a tour of the design facilities.
07  BoozeErik and Tiffany prepare for a big night out with Sid who gives them a proper drinking tutorial Korean-style. Later they learn how to make craft cocktails with Phil, one of three founders of a cocktail catering company. They take their recipes to the street for some guerrilla bartending to see how the drinks measure up
06 All dressed UpErik and Tiffany meet three expats who are all contributing to Seoul's unique style. James, a model, takes them behind the scenes at Seoul Fashion Week. Up and coming designer Sandra invites Erik and Tiffany to her workshop to work on her latest collection, and they wander the streets of Garuso-gil with fashion blogger Karen for some local style spottin. 
5 A good SportErik and Tiffany meet three expats whose lives revolve around sport and fitness. Whitney, a professional American volleyball player with the Heungkuk Pink Spiders gets them working on their serves and volleys. Ian, the founder of British Army Fitness in Korea (BAFIK) takes them outdoors for a workout on Mt. Namsan and the Han River. Then Erik and Tiffany head to practice of Roller Derby in Korea, where Tiffany laces up her skates for a crash course from derby girl Go Go Gadget, aka Maresha. 
04 – 'State of the Art'Erik and Tiffany travel outside of the city to meet Sarah, an American gyopo, who's been working with the chef at Bean Table, an organic farm-to-table restaurant serving traditional Korean dishes. Then, it's on to some new flavours, as Erik and Tiffany link up with food writer Megan, who lives near the Chinese market in Daerim. Still hungry, they visit Wahid at his Moroccan sandwich restaurant in Haebangchon.  03 Live to EatErik and Tiffany travel outside of the city to meet Sarah, an American gyopo, who's been working with the chef at Bean Table, an organic farm-to-table restaurant serving traditional Korean dishes. Then, it's on to some new flavours, as Erik and Tiffany link up with food writer Megan, who lives near the Chinese market in Daerim. Still hungry, they visit Wahid at his Moroccan sandwich restaurant in Haebangchon. 

02  musicMusic: Discovering one of the best music scenes in Asia. How is Western and Asian music influencing each other? Why is the international music scene here so good? What are the challenges when working in the industry?
Possible profiles include a Chilean percussionist with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra leading a Korean band playing Latin music. Korean American, Bernie Cho, exporting the Hongdae music scene to the US versus British expat of Super Colour Super bringing international acts to Seoul. Expat run, Loose Union, record label promoting Korean bands.

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