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Monday, June 22, 2015

FIRST IMPRESSIONS towards Sarajevo - 13 IDEAS

0:01 - Hey guys! If you are watching this video it means that you are probably interested in my country … and are likely to visit it one day.
0:02 -  So, Today I would like to talk to you what to expect when you first come to this land.
0:03  - First time I came to Bosnia was pretty long time
ago, so my memories are a bit blurry now, however, you can never forget some things.
0:04  - So first of all, when you come to this capital city be prepared to get lost.
0:05  - Even though it is not difficult to get around the airport after you come out, if you can not  speak our local language
0:06 - all signs are going to be written in some mysterious strange characters that you have to guess what they mean.
0:07  - Before in other trips, for example Anna, when she travelled in Europe I was at least able to recognize letters
0:08  - and even figure out some words even if she does not speak the language,
0:09  - On the contrary, here for example Steve, he must probably feel just lost when he first arrives.
0:10  - While people are friendly not many can speak English, so foreigners might have a hard time asking for directions.

 TWO21:  - You are going to be rich!  4 thousand, 5 hundred. A thousand local money is equivalent to 50 euros,
22:  -  which means you can be a millionaire in Bosnia fairly easy. YES, Very easily, INDEED.
23: - Then something we can’t live without, food. Balcanic food is spicy! I mean really hot,
24:  - I remember some people I first met were not able to handle their meals at all.
25:  - For me, on the one hand, this is heaven as I love spicy food and basically have none of these delicious dishes back home.
26:  - On the other hand though, everything is super sweet in the bakery!
27:  Does Steve want to buy some white bread? Then he must be prepared to taste super candy sweetness.
28:  - Does Anna want to eat crisps with while having a beer?
29:  - Again, be Reddy toe at sweetness, sweet things. You’ll have to either go to a western bar or change your eating habits.
30:    - Oh, and you don’t relieve Bosnians really use salt either. 

THREE31:   -  Everything is lovely, overly cute. Bosnia is the land of cuteness. Boy clothes, girl accessories, modern shops, new restaurants, yes, basically everything in town must be cute.
32: - Crazy melodic songs, nostalgic short poems, bad drama, sentimental fever. Honestly, I didn’t even hear about such things as soul staff  before I came to this montainous country,
33:  - but believe me, either you want it or you do not, if a man  comes here, he will come across it! There’s a long good list of old music playing everywhere.
34:  - And all friends will ask Steve what’s his favorite artist or his best band, and he will have no idea what they are talking about
35:  - and also to Anna, she will get really lost and then at the end the wife will end up at the same circle  as everyone.
36:  - One of the main features of the old town is it is crowded, which you will notice right away after you leave the bus station.
37:  - You may and be really mislead because the airport is really quite empty and very quiet.
38:  - However, just wait until you get to the main square and near streets.
39:  - It’s so packed, it’s basically impossible to find yourself being alone, any longer than for a couple of minutes.
40:  - At some extent, I love this friendly street life, but at the same time I hate this at some hours.

FOUR - 4- FOUR  -4
41:  -When the night comes there are NOT going to be a lot of lights! You will NOT see many neon lights all over the place as in Barcelona.
42:  - But you can find the night life. Especially if you go to a more alive areas.
43:  - There,  you will realize that  many of  all lower floors have neon signs on their walls, the lights just trying to blind you.
 44:  - Shopping. The insane, unhealthy obsession that young Bosnian citizens have with shopping. You won’t need to go to shopping districts or actually even exist subway station,
45:  -as you’ll have shopping right there underground subway station.
 46:  - Also, coffee shops obsession. For a long time there was no Italian coffee in town, so when it arrive at this country, young adults went a bit nuts. Yes, crazy.
47:  - Consequently, it is still very difficult to buy the best coffee in a small supermarket.
48: - Although there are more than necessary coffee shops in the capital.
49:  - Sarajevo is actually a capital with the highest number of Starbucks coffee shops in the nation.
50. I like a strong white coffe, I love tasty coffee with milk.

FIVE  -Oh, FIVE - 0551:  - A thing that I did not really expect was that local old people consume a lot of alcohol.
52:  - Any tourist is going to see drunken young people all over the place. Steve thinks too many.
53:  - And differently from back home, nobody, no-one cares about you being drunk here.
 54:   - One of my main memories I can still remember is this: when I came to Korea there was the most uncommon smell, a strange mixture of strong smells.
55:  -There is a restaurant next to a bar, next to a pizzeria, which makes all of the different smells mix together.
56:  -. And Anna is not really used to Balcanic food, the smell can be a bit funny.
 57:  - The technology. Honestly, I expected Bosnia to be more technologically advanced, however,
58: - there are going to be many things that you will come across will be just astonished.
59: - Also, it’s a country of old phones, so on the subway you will see at least  twelve phone boxes.
60: -the young girls being on their phone, the young boys plauing with their cameras. 

SIX   - 6 -6 -66 -6
61: - The traffic is going to be hectic. Sorry, but Anna thinks young drivers do not know how to drive.
62:  - Be very careful not to get hit when you just come and want to drive your hired car.
63: - There are food delivery motorcycles riding on pedestrian paths all the time.
 64: - Last but not the least, keep in mind that weather is super humid. Depending where you are coming from, it may be really a shocker for you.
65:  - From me if it’s 25 degrees Celsius in my dry homeland it is little hot but still great weather where you don’t sweat much.
66:  - However, if it’s 25 degrees in Bosnia Anna is going to sweat a lot. Humidity really makes the weather much more dificult, more radical.
67:  - So, the summers are going to be much hotter and obviously,  the Bosnian winters are going to  be much colder.
68: - There are so many more things I could talk about, expensive fruits, old Bosnian grannies, the hard war and so on.
68:  - Why not cleanness,  cinema in the park, kind politeness ?
69: - However, I want to keep this story short so I will finish now.  I hope you think now you have a good idea of what you can expect.             

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