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Saturday, November 14, 2015

films and movies - Michael Caine. Speech acts

Michael Caine – 1999 / Best Supporting Actor / “The Cider House Rules”

Many Kudos to the classiest Oscar acceptance of all time (03:05-05:40).
  (Text below)

You’d think, with all the speeches delivered every year at the Oscars, there’d be a formula to delivering a great one. There isn’t. A great Oscar speech is an enigma. Or perhaps it’s best summed up with the same language that the Supreme Court used to define pornography: “We know it when we see it.”

            link:  BEST  acceptance speches

Five Favorite Films | The New York Times

Caine reminisces about making five of his most popular movies:
  • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels  (1988)
  • The Man Who Would Be King  (1975)
  • Alfie  (1999) 
  • Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)  
  • Sleuth (1972)

 An Accent That Broke Class Barriers 

LINK: Maurice Micklewhite is... Michael Caine
MICHAEL CAINE's  speech -1999:
  Length 2'40"
Thank you, thank you. I was looking [gesturing to the monitor], watching all the others, and thinking back when I saw the performances and I was thinking of how the Academy changed "The winner is..." to "The Oscar goes to...". And if ever there was a category where the Oscar goes to someone without there being a winner, it's this one. Because I do not feel like being the winner. You have Michael, who I'd never heard of quite frankly, who is astonishing. You have Jude, who is going to be a big star no matter what happens. You have Tom, who if you had won this your pot price would have gone down so fast. Have you any idea what supporting actors get paid? And we only get one motorhome, a small one. And Haley Osment, what an astonishing... where is he? There he is. Haley, when I saw you I thought, well that's me out of it. So really, I'm basically up here, guys, to represent you as what I hope you will all be, a survivor.
I want to -- I've got to hurry up or they... Dick [Zanuck], I wasn't here last time, so give me a bit with my speech, the last time I won, so give me a bit extra time, okay? I want to thank Harvey and Bob Weinstein and Meryl Poster at Miramax. Lasse Hallström, an extraordinary director, and Richard Gladstein. The wonderful actors I worked with: Tobey Maguire, Charlize Theron, Jane Alexander, Kathy Baker -- all people who inhabit rather than act. And the wonderful children that I acted with there. And last of all, I want to thank my two daughters, Dominique and Natasha, and my wife. Thank you.

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