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Monday, December 19, 2016

British sketches - Morecambe and Wise -Ernie and Eric.

Bit 1. - The Morecambe and Wise partnership lasted 1968-83. ‘There’s too much lust for money in this world and not enough fun’, remarks Eric Morecambe in one of this warm Edinburgh Fringe hit’s more on the nose moments. 

Review -2013

To check how our lifes have changed over these tour decades, read how we celebrated Christmas in 1975.

Still in B/WTheir Christmas Show on BBC in 1977 scored one of the highest ever audiences in British television history with more than 20 million viewers. In 1999 Morecambe was voted the funniest person of the 20th century in a British internet poll; Eric pulled in 26 percent of the votes.
Bit 2. - Ernie and Eric. Their sketch looks so much like the classic Magnusson Mastermind. Morecambe and Wise sketch, which really featured Magnus Magnusson. 
Ernie plays a know-all professor who really does answer all the questions before they are asked, and Eric is a chancer who cons his way through, but looks set to lose on the last geography question, indeed a long one, where Eric has to complete the phrase – Khyber

MadamTussauds models -Wax museum
Bit 3. - In the 1970s, they were a national institution.Celebrities from Andre Previn to Diana Rigg queued to appear on their show. But almost every gag which came out of the mouths of Morecambe and Wise in their heyday was put there by Eddie Braben. His surreal and witty scripts transformed the duo's act, from the business in front of the curtains, to the pair's closing song.

LAUGHTERLOG. To learn about these two performers, click here

Video Clips - The Ed Sullivan Show

Watch the top 5 M&W sketches watched on YouTube - Daily mirror

Their five videos have been viewed by more than 2m people across the world.
Topping the Morecambe and Wise favourite works is the infamous breakfast sketch, that has been watched on YouTube a staggering 770,000 times.
Channel 5 is set to screen the rarely seen live performance by the comedy duo at 10.10pm tonight, Saturday 12 April 2014

Bit 4. -  Morecombe and Wise Breakfast

"Possibly the best comedy sketch ever, 
well planned, excellently timed by two comic genius's"

To test this statement....

TASK. Classify the youtube comments on these two types:

                           a1)  nostalgics (N)       versus              
                           a2)  projected onto the future (F)

           b1)  TOP class (10 /10 ) ...or
           b2)   pretty good  (7-8-9 /10) ...or
           b3)  negative 1-4/10

1.     OMG...Im laughing so much my face is killin' me and my cheeks are stinging me!!! 
2.     well, it is making a statement about race, but that does not stop it being comic genius aswell!_ 
3.     it still makes me laugh.. I think its brilliant, not the best of all sketches, but still great. 
4.     This is what you call comedy!! Much better that some of the rubbish around now. Its harmless, not offensive, rude or racist. 
5.     Brilliant. People are still going to be enjoying this 100 years in the future._ 
6.     It is a simple idea based around a normal mundane morning activity. Also it is brilliantly timed. 
7.     This is hilarious and worth sharing for a good laugh._ 
8.     One of the only times slpatstick has made me laugh :)_ 
9.     My all time favourite sketch from the two comedy giants. What a masterpiece of mirth! 
10.  God, I'd forgotten how brilliant those guys were. :-)_ 
11.  Pure brilliance, what timing!_ 
12.  Fantastic, never ceases to make me smile! 
13.  that has got to be one of the best things i have ever seen it is so funny._
14.  87th time I've seen that ... and I still laugh!_ 
15.  Love this so much!_ 
16.  funniest ever sketch. best ever comedy duo. 
17.  how can anyone dilike this? It is a masterpiece of comedy_ 
18.  The bit at the fridge makes me crack up. 
19.  classic! this is one of the best sketches they made. you don't get comedy like this nowadays. 
20.  Sure the comedy wasn't as subtle as some of the other shows at the time but it was still funny. Calling it a disgrace is a bit harsh. 
21.  LOL I remember the first time i watch this on TV I could not stop laughing. Its a great video. 
22.  Its got nothing to do with race or sexuality. It's a brilliant comedy sketch! That's it! Chill and have a laugh for a change!_
23.  Always will be a comedy classic, will never get tired of seeing it_
24.  i just wonder how they timed the toaster to the music..._ 
25.  wacked out but highly hilarious_ 
26.  This is a classic comedy sketch thats it. It's not making a statement about anyones colour. 
27.  M&W top the comedy bill of that generation, and there was a lot.28.  they should've been knighted._ 
29.  As simple as the sketch is, every time I see this it's very hard not to keep a straight face. Joy from beginning to end!_ 
30.  soo funny the timig of this is just soo perfect_ 
31.  What makes this sketch for me is Eric's reaction to the multiple pancakes._ 
32.  hilarious! this is what i call classic comedy. 
33.  ROFLMHO!!!!! - The sausage thng was so hilarious, mind you so was the whole lot!!! 
34.  hilarious! this is what i call classic comedy_ 
35.  I can see now why breakfast is the most important meal of the day!_ 
36.  just freaking awesome!! 0:45 epic!! 0:52 amazing!! i fell off the chair by the end!!_ 
37.  British comedy at its finest, if comedians today could take note of the comedians of yesteryear our comedy would be as good as it was back then._ 
38.  it repeats the same joke. Ultimately its comedy for old people with short attention spans. its basically little Britain in the 70's. 
39.  this still makes me laugh to this day.... So brilliant. 
40.  don't take my word for it, but i think there was a bit of shell in that egg. 
41.  Sheer genius......and what do we have today? 
42.  Funny? Yes. "Possibly the best comedy sketch ever"?? No way._

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