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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

GRAPH -Reforming EU timetables


The report is based on two assumptions:

  1. that reform of working timetables needs to be government-led, 
  2. that any changes adopted should be carried out within the framework of a national cross-party agreement .
 The report stressed that “the key is to see timetable reform as a whole "

      A) You mabear in mind these bullet points:
  • finding the “balance” between demand and supply in services and commerce 
  • difference between Catalonia and the rest of Europe
  • “squaring work and school timetables”. 
  • balance in school and work timetables (lack of...)
  • television schedules
  • the sociological context (an ageing population and a low birth rate)
B) outline some proposals on these fields:
  •  organisation of work, 
  • the fostering of telecommuting and a more widespread 
  • also takes into account use of technology 

C) Last, but without question of doubt no least,  foresee the outcomes

Rounding off:
WRITE  WR_5A. Develop the topic using the figures in the graph above.

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