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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hospitals in my Hamlet -Though this be madness yet there is method in it

Resultado de imagen de aladdinsane meaningWhile listening to Changes, my Bowie's choice,  I remember'd  "Aladdin Sane"  (1972).
  The name is a pun on "A Lad Insane" -   inspired by his half-brother Terry,      diagnosed as a schizophrenic

       I will keep to myself: but first let me tell ye,
if ye should lead her into a fool's paradise*, as they say
Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet, 1592.        

*A state of happiness based on false hope.   

BIT 1# 
O hell! what have we here? ...
All that glitters is not gold;Often have you heard that told
Shakespeare - The Merchant of Venice, 1596   
Lepe's Council and Junta de Andalucia take issues over access road 
THERE’S a fine new high-tech hospital in Lepe, Huelva. It cost around 21 million euros and took ten years to build and it is called ‘El Centro Hospitalario de Alta Resolución (CHARE) de la Costa de Huelva’. The facility was completed in December 2015, but there’s one problem. It is located two kilometres away from the nearest road, and neither the town hall of Lepe, nor the Junta de Andalucía, wants to be stuck with the bill of constructing the link.

Imagen aérea del hospital ya terminado. Abajo, parte del camino rural que debería ser su carretera de acceso.
Ended the lat 14 December 2015, still with no access! -Google MAPS

BIT 2#      BBC link

    Hospitals workers hold a banner at the site saying: "We are saving lives while the forced demolition is trashing lives"
  •                    Demolition team dismantle Chinese hospital                           with patients & doctors inside

Patients and doctors reportedly had to run for their lives after a demolition team began dismantling a hospital in China with them still inside.
Up to 30 people in camouflage uniform began demolishing part of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University with a bulldozer on Thursday morning, according to the Shanghai Daily.
The forced demolition is being linked to a land dispute with the local Huiji District government, after the hospital declined to relocate its radiology department and morgue to make way for a road expansion project.
Extensive damage was done to hospital equipment with national media reporting medical equipment worth around $607,000 was completely destroyed.
Three hospital staff were injured while trying to stop the destruction and six bodies being prepared in the mortuary were covered by falling debris.
Pictures of the Henan province hospital show collapsed walls and upturned medical devices.
Radiology department director Liu Chunguang described how he was conducting a chest scan on a patient when a “big hole” was stabbed in the side of the building forcing his patient to run to safety.
Millions of dollars worth of equipment was buried in the radiology department, along with six bodies in the hospital morgue, press officer for the hospital, Yuan Fang, told the state Xinhua news agency.
“Burying the bodies of patients in rubble is extremely disrespectful to the dead,” he said.
He confirmed the hospital has been forced to suspend activities.
Local government authorities have disputed claims people were inside during the incident and said the hospital had been asked to take down the areas designated for the road development.

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