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Thursday, January 11, 2018

From La torre d'Oristà- a gentle stroll

La Torre d’Oristà - Lluçanes by Sara V. V.

There was a time when I used to live in such a quiet backwater village called: la Torre d’Oristà,  where  three hundred-odd inhabitants  dwell in currently.

I am tempted to admit, for some people it would be bored rigid living there, miles away from  a bustling center, whereas for me it is a rural idyll. I am fond of spending all my childhood  surrounded by  chirping birds and  oak trees, and indeed I enjoy it now when I visit my family every week. 
The village has been set up for three steep streets and some farmhauses around them. If I start  strolling through the main street called  Mossen Riba Pont, from the hillside to the south side, the first landmark space I come across is the Cemetery,  facing a small square where you can both enjoy and feel the solemnity of the snow-capped Pyrenees and the  peaceful life of the spot.
 By the center of the main street the main street, there is the principal area where dwellers socialise, therefore there stands a unique grocery’s shop, which has been there since 1926,  and till  a year ago there was a small bar... nowadays it remains closed.
Whether you keep on walking , a few meters ahead,  or you stay ahead the uphill lane,  you  catch a glimpse of the main square, with a tiny playground zone and the extraordinary Santa Maria’s church, which is definitely from the Romanesque period. 
On the east side of the square there is a stunning building, my appreciated  primary rural school ,  which  at present holds on the first floor the rural health center and on the second floor the cultural center of the village. Other  features of the village include a small industrial area, where you can find both an excellent restaurant, and also the theatre facilities.
And last, but not least, the marvelous landscape excites you into the experience of  the rural lifestyle,  booking some amazing rural home around the village, and moreover feeling the  Romanesque lifestyle visiting the site called Puigciutat.

If you have a Saturday to spare  ...
For a peaceful stroll,  visit this web here!

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