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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

DATA shows_Bless you- hail doctors- 2016 a blurred picture

Item #1  -The Guardian
Figures show extent of NHS reliance on foreign nationalsnews--  Thinktank warns stricter immigration rules could hit service after stats show 11% of all staff and 26% of doctors are non-British
  • in emergency care, haematology and old-age psychiatry. Without the support of these doctors many NHS services would struggle to provide effective care to their patients."
  • if they were from outside the European Economic Area they had to take additional language tests to ensure that they spoke English to a good standard.

  • The data shows:
  •  that Romanians outnumber Australians 
  •  there are 3 Ghanaians for every 1 New Zealander.
  • ...
  • ...

Tim Finch, from the IPPR thinktank, said the statistics held lessons for immigration policy.  Click here for large version of graphic.   Graphic: Finbarr Sheehy 

While the figures help illustrate the contribution of migrants, they do not paint the whole picture: 
  •  as many will have taken British nationality since arriving.
  • Nationality statistics of NHS staff have never been published but figures on where doctors qualified are made available by the General Medical Council, which include GPs in its data.
  • The HSCIC figures are provisional as of September last year. The nationalities of 136,624 staff were not recorded and, due to use of different staff record systems, data was not available from two NHS trusts.
  • ... GPs are not included in the HSCIC figures because they are not employed by the NHS. 
  • ..

HEALTH by numbers ...
 a blurred picture
and poor maths wisdom



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